Woori Bank, challenging 15 consecutive wins, needs Park Da-jung one more time

Park Da-jung should play the role of the sixth man one more time.

Asan Woori Bank recorded 17 wins and 1 loss, and is the sole first place, six games ahead of Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Busan BNK, which are tied for second place. In the current flow, it remains only to determine when the regular league championship will be confirmed.

In addition, it is of interest how far Woori Bank’s winning streak will continue. Woori Bank is currently on a 14-game winning streak.

The team’s longest winning streak of 17 consecutive wins is the biggest hurdle in an away game against Shinhan Bank, Incheon, which will be held on the 18th. This is because there is a high possibility that Park Hye-jin and Choi Lee-sam will be absent.

Prior to the match against BNK on the 14th, Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo said, “Park Hye-Jin said she was okay, but I was really worried. If it’s not this time, there’s no time to rest. Sotamdae can be lost. Even if you have a year, you can’t be worried about injury because you are old,” he said. everything is careful In the past, I was overdoing one game, but I think it’s better to go stable than to overdo it and create a bad situation. Choi Yi-sam needs to wait and see, and I think it’s right to cherish Hye-jin a little more.”

Park Hye-jin, who is currently absent due to plantar fasciitis, is given more rest even though she can return.

Coach Seong-woo Seong-woo chose Park Hye-jin to rest because there was no game for another week after the matches against BNK on the 14th and Shinhan Bank on the 18th. If Park Hye-jin endures these two games, she can rest for about two more weeks until the match against Bucheon HanawonQ on the 26th.

Woori Bank, which lacked Park Hye-jin and Choi Lee-sam, played Park Ji-hyeon, Go A-ra, Na Yoon-jung, Kim Jung-eun, and Kim Dan-bi for more than 31 minutes in the match against BNK. Moreover, Danbi Kim was sent off for five fouls at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Park Da-jung played a big role in Woori Bank being able to endure. Park Da-jung played 18 minutes and 28 seconds in the match against BNK. He, of course, didn’t put up a single point and had 3 rebounds and 1 block.

Park Da-jeong stood out in areas other than records. This was especially true after Kim Dan-bi was sent off for five fouls with 8 minutes and 29 seconds left in the fourth quarter. 카지노

Woori Bank, who allowed Ahn Hye-ji to break through after Kim Dan-bi was sent off for five fouls, gave Lee So-hee a chance to break through after Park Ji-hyun’s pass miss. Park Da-jung stopped this with a block. In the middle of the 4th quarter, he even pulled out Jinan’s error while grooming.

It’s not a scene from the match, but Park Da-jung played the role of a sixth man among the limited number of people available, such as communicating with colleagues and backcourt when BNK counterattacked, and lowering her stance when defending.

If Woori Bank plays well against Shinhan Bank on the 18th, Park Hye-jin will return after that, and Noh Hyun-ji will be able to use it more, so it will have a more stable power than now.

Woori Bank needs to surpass Shinhan Bank in order to secure the regular league title as early as possible and to break the team’s longest winning streak. To do that, Park Da-jung has to play the role of the sixth man one more time.

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