“Woods is here” rumble… The rust-free golf emperor’s ‘back heart’

Everywhere Tiger Woods goes, there are so many fans. I wondered if it was still in good health after returning after seven months. Golf Emperor showed the answer.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


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[Nissan SA Open (1992): Amateur player Tiger Woods]

The 47-year-old Woods returned from injury to the golf course where he first stood on the PGA stage as a 16-year-old invited amateur player. Appeared in the tee box.

Other players had to squeeze their way through the crowd of fans.

When I entered Hall 1, I couldn’t hear the applause because everyone was busy taking pictures.

After starting with a birdie, he hit a long hit over 300m, but Woods was shaken several times.

He missed a 3m putt, bogeyed, and fell into a bunker twice on one hole. 안전놀이터

The true value of Woods, who was confident of removing the rust, was revealed in the last three holes where he drove birdies.

The sight of Woods holding a birdie on the last hole and raising his hand reminded me of his heyday.

[Tiger Woods/Pro Golfer: I heard louder cheers than any other competition. I didn’t want to be a stupid host with everyone watching.]

He finished the first day in a tie for 27th at 2-under par despite limping his leg.

Woods, who has always set the goal of winning, starts fighting himself right away.

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