Whimungo Lee Seung-min, ‘A descendant of the Red Toma?’ Get rid of NO.1 Park Chae-wool

“A five-tool player? It’s a long way to follow my father.”

This is the story of Lee Seung-min (18), an outfielder in his third year at Whimoon High School.

Along with his extraordinary power, Lee Seung-min is also making a name for himself as the son of ‘Legend’ Lee Byung-gyu (current Samsung head coach). However, the main opinion is that the evaluation of ‘5-tool player’ is somewhat exaggerated.

It is said that it is still not enough to catch up with his father, who had all of the ball, water and land.

However, with power, the story is different. Even at this point, it is evaluated that he is not inferior to his father in terms of power. The problem is that it’s still only power.

Lee Seung-min played in 15 games last year and recorded a batting average of 0.315, 1 home run and 10 RBIs. He didn’t appear in many matches, but he made a strong impression in the matches he did.

He had a good on-base percentage of 0.387. But what’s even more surprising is his slugging percentage. His slugging percentage was a whopping 0.648. It can be said that he showed amazing long hitting ability. OPS was 1.035.

Although he only had one home run, he excelled in his ability to pull off more than double base hits. Since the body is still growing, the power is expected to be stronger.

Team A’s scouting team leader said, “Lee Seung-min’s power is definitely different. He is in ideal physical condition and shows gap-hitting ability from left to right-middle. His last season had only one home run, but he did not have many opportunities and was not fully equipped physically. As he enters the third grade and gets bigger, the number of home runs will naturally increase. Power is definitely innate. He is a player who is already looking forward to seeing how many home runs he can hit this season. He is watching with interest,” he said. 바카라사이트

A team B scout said, “Lee Seung-min can be said to be a power tool. He’s showing off a little bit of the rest of his abilities too, but he’s not as noticeable. He can be seen as a player with contact ability and power. He’s obviously a pretty good player for a sophomore, but he needs more speed and baseball sense to be the best. Lee Seung-min has not recorded a single stolen base all season. He will have to focus on training to increase his body speed. Only then can he increase his value himself. He is still not up to Park Chaeul (Chungam High School) (No. 1 high school baseball fielder).”

In the reality where power hitters are gradually decreasing, Lee Seung-min’s power is clearly noticeable. It seems that he could become another sensation if he shows power beyond his father’s.

But with his power tools alone, he’s unlikely to survive as a pro. He needs to pay attention to finer baseball. Because he is still growing, he can increase his speed, which is considered to be lacking.

Rather than comparing with his father, it should be a priority to surpass his rival Park Chae-yul. In order to do so, it seems that they need to show more powerful baseball and play with a sense of baseball by putting their long-term power at the forefront.

It remains to be seen if Lee Seung-min can make use of what he lacks and rise to the level of being compared 1 to 1 with his father.

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