Which year of the rabbit will shine in the 2023 KLPGA season?… From Park Hyun-kyung to Lee Ga-young and Kim Ha-ni

 Reporter Kwon Hyeok-joon = Golfers born in 1999 of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour pledged to play an active part ahead of the year 2023 of the ‘Gye-Cat Year’.

Most of the rabbit year players who will be active on the KLPGA tour this season were born in 1999. Those who will reach their prime at the age of 24 set their own goals and made up their minds.

◇ Park

Hyeon-gyeong (23, Korea Land Trust), who has many fans on the KLPGA tour, was born in January 2000 in the Year of the Rabbit. Park Hyeon-gyeong, who won three wins on the KLPGA tour, but took runner-up twice without winning last year, is eager to take revenge.

Park Hyun-kyung said, “It was very unfortunate that we couldn’t win, so it was a season that made me desperate for the championship.”

He continued, “I felt that my concentration dropped because I lacked stamina. This winter, I plan to do more physical training than I have done so far.” I will prepare thoroughly,” he said.

◇Lee Ga-young and Hwang Jeong-mi,

born in 1999, best friends Lee Ga-young (24, NH Investment & Securities) and Hwang Jeong-mi (24, Q Capital) won their first regular tour championship last year, which they dreamed of.

Lee Ga-young said, “Last year, there were many things that went well, and I was happy to win the championship I dreamed of, but at the same time, I clearly realized what I lacked.”

“I want to do better than last year by focusing on physical fitness and the short game during the winter,” she said.

Hwang Jung-mi said, “I felt physically lacking in the second half of last year. I’ve been trying to pay attention to my body and physical fitness throughout the winter.” 안전놀이터

◇ Ahn Ji-hyun and Choi Ye-rim aiming for the first championship in their lives Ji-hyun

Ahn (24, Mediheal) and Ye-rim Choi (24, SK Networks) failed to win the championship despite showing good performances last season. I am determined to win the championship this year.

Ahn Ji-hyun said, “It was very difficult because I couldn’t achieve any of the goals I had set, but I learned and felt a lot. It will be a foundation for my future tour life.”

Ahn Ji-hyun, who left for training in Hanoi, Vietnam, said, “My goal is to find a swing that suits me in field training. As much as I train with the best players at home and abroad, I will learn a lot and go back. I believe that good things will happen in the year of the rabbit and prepare hard. I will achieve my goal,” he said.

Choi Ye-rim, who swallowed regret with two runner-up finishes, said, “What I regret more than runner-up is that the second half of the year was not good,” and looked back, saying, “My score last season was 70 points.”

Choi Ye-rim, who chose to rest and train in Korea during the off-season, said, “I am focusing on physical training and putt practice along with rest.” said.

◇”Late Rookie” Kim Ha-ni, who entered the regular tour of her dreams, Kim

Ha-ni (24), who won the first championship in her life last season on the Dream Tour (2nd division tour) and earned the right to participate in the regular tour, is the “oldest” rookie among this year’s rookies. .

Kim Ha-ni smiled brightly, saying, “I was satisfied with myself by winning the championship last year and securing the right to seed on the regular tour.”

He emphasized, “As much as I can play on the regular tour of my dreams, I want to enjoy my tour life.”

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