‘Where did the midfield go?’…Juventus’ shocking pass map of Monza’s defeat

Juventus played a shocking game.

Juventus lost 0-2 to Monza in the 20th round of Serie A in the 2022-23 season held at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy on the 29th (Korean time). This leaves Juventus in 13th place with 23 points.

Juventus has been in trouble lately, both internally and externally. Juventus has recently received a huge disciplinary punishment. Turin’s city council began to suspect that Juventus had tampered with its books and ordered an investigation by the prosecution, which eventually revealed that Juventus had tampered with its books and obtained financial gain in a negative way.

As a result, a penalty for deducting victory points was imposed. The Italian Football Confederation (FIGC) announced on its official website on the 21st (Korean time) that the Federal Court of Appeals partially accepted the appeal of the prosecutor’s office, and as a result, Juventus will be punished with a 15-point reduction and suspension of 11 officials. it was officially announced that

Juventus, who suffered a 15-point cut, went down to mid-table in an instant. This season, Juventus, which was competing for the title with Napoli and Inter Milan, became difficult to win the championship, and its external image was also tarnished. 카지노

There are problems outside of football, but they are also problems inside. Juventus tried to make up for the shock and pain of the point cut through the game result, but even that was impossible. With Monza’s Patrick Chiuria and Dani Mota conceding goals one after another, Juventus was drawn 0-2 at the half.

In the second half, Juventus did not have the power to turn over. Coach Massimiliano Allegri started the second half with Iling Junior, Locatelli and Soule, but as a result, he could not turn it over.

After the match, the shocking pass map was revealed. Soccer statistics company ‘markstats’ released a pass map that Juventus rarely used midfield on this day. De Silio, Pagioli, Paredes, Rabio, and Costich came out as starters in the midfield, but it was confirmed that Paredes and Pagioli, who had to spread the pass forward, came down more than necessary.

Also, it was confirmed that Moiskin, located in the forefront, was completely isolated and did not receive a pass. As the control in the midfield is reduced, the pass naturally does not rotate much, and as a result, the influence of the game has decreased. It is Juventus who has not been able to wash away the pain of football outside of football.

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