What kind of unique official will come out today?

Watching unique official day by day is becoming a pleasure for K-League fans who endure the off-season.

Recently, most K-League clubs do not release ordinary official. Instead of simply holding a uniform with a name engraved on it and taking pictures at the stadium, it takes various forms such as promoting the parent company that matches the location. It is a temporary phenomenon and cannot be seen.

When Koo Ja-cheol returned to Jeju United, climbing Baekrokdam seems to have been the catalyst. It is judged that the fact that Jonathan Ling became a hot topic abroad for taking the official Jeju enlistment at a gas station played a part. However, it cannot be said that simply taking official photos or videos, as has been done in the past, “does not work properly”. It’s just that the eyes are drawn to the club that makes it unique.

Officials from various clubs delighted the eyes of the fans this year as well. The highlight was Joo Min-gyu, who returned to Ulsan Hyundai, dressed as a sailor and took official photos while riding a boat. Hyundai Heavy Industries, the parent company of Ulsan, drew Joo Min-kyu’s comeback in relation to shipbuilding. In addition to Joo Min-kyu, Ulsan often chooses backgrounds related to boats when taking official photos. 안전놀이터

FC Seoul also had a relationship with the parent company. Lim Sang-hyeop, Lee Si-young, and Park Soo-il went to a convenience store run by Seoul’s parent company, GS, dressed as part-time workers and announced the official announcement. Kwon Wan-gyu and Willian announced their joining Seoul while refueling at GS Caltex. The difference from other clubs is that they did not simply take photos and videos, but acted. Although somewhat inexperienced, it was effective in getting the name known to the new team’s fans.

Jeju took a different point by calling it the dream tree official. Rather than visiting a specific attraction, he went to the soccer club of an elementary school in Jeju and announced his transfer while new students became teachers for a day. The content was rich, such as impressions of participating, evaluations by the soccer team coach, and on-site sketches. There was also a positive effect of promoting the club and players to young Jeju players.

What about civic clubs? Citizens’ teams in the metropolitan area do not have as many attractions as those representing the region, but they are making steady efforts. FC Anyang posted an official photo of Kim Jeong-hyun at Anyang Station, which is used by many people, and in the case of Ahn Yong-woo, he took official photos at the traditional market, Gwanyang Market. Although it cannot be considered a famous spot, it was noticeable that the locals chose a familiar place that locals would not know about.

An official from Anyang said, “Because it is a citizen club, they cooperate well. Although the conditions are not rich, we are working hard to make an interesting official. We also want to include a story. For example, Jo Seong-jun was a founding member of Anyang, but at the time his accommodation was in Dongpyeon Village. . So I took an official photo in Dongpyeon Village,” he said behind the scenes.

It is the official method of K-League clubs these days to go beyond simply announcing player recruitment, introduce their hometown, and if there is a parent company, promote it while preserving the company’s image. In the future, many official performances are planned to entertain fans.

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