What is the story of a lifelong Arsenal fan buried with a Chelsea jersey?

 A lifetime Arsenal fan was buried with a Chelsea jersey.

On the 26th (Korean time), Germany’s Sport 1 reported such an absurd incident. As is known, Arsenal and Chelsea are London rivals. From Arsenal’s point of view, they are not enemies of Cheolcheonji like Tottenham, but the two teams have maintained a rivalry for quite a long time. 안전놀이터

David, who passed away recently, supported Arsenal for the rest of his life. According to his nephew, his family decided to bury David and his beloved Arsenal shirt together. David had his girlfriend, who had been with him until his passing, select the uniform that was in the best condition, and it arrived at the funeral home. David was embarrassingly buried with his Chelsea shirt.

Looking at the situation, David’s girlfriend picked the cleanest kit was the 2003 Chelsea away kit. Perhaps confused by Emirates Airline sponsorship. The deceased’s niece laughed, saying, “It looks like a uniform someone bought as a joke.” Being the cleanest means not paying that much attention. Because it was the team that the deceased hated.

Fortunately, this mistake did not ruin the atmosphere. According to his nephew’s SNS, “The atmosphere was so good that the priest who came for the funeral laughed and said that the deceased was not an Arsenal fan.”

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