“We’ve come this far without a break”… Kia, Lee, and a sigh of relief

“They say you can throw it on your very next turn…”

The baseball team KIA was surprised. On the 22nd, against Suwon KT. Starting pitcher Lee Yi-ri (21) finished the game after only four innings. He threw 76 pitches and gave up only two runs, but he had to stop pitching abruptly when he felt discomfort in his left shoulder. Even earlier in the game, he appeared to feel pain in the area. Kia fans were worried enough.

The team ended up losing the game 4-8, but all eyes were on Lee’s condition. The entire baseball world was anxiously awaiting the extent of his injury, as he was on the national team for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.

Concerns grew when a nearby hospital was unable to perform a quick examination on the day of the injury. It wasn’t until the 23rd that his condition was revealed. A KIA official said, “After a medical examination, he was diagnosed with simple inflammation (partial inflammation of the shoulder joint). He will be removed from the roster to protect the player.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Kia head coach Kim Jong-guk was one of them. “I was very worried, but they said it was a simple sprain. The hospital said it was fine. I don’t even need an injection,” he said, adding, “It’s a relief. It’s the best of both worlds,” he said.

For now, he’s out of the first team lineup. “The hospital said I can throw the next turn right away,” Kim said. But I decided to take a break because I’ve been working so hard,” he said. “I’ll still be with the first team. I won’t go down to the second team, but I will continue to check and train here.”먹튀검증

It’s hard to argue with KIA’s determination to fight for a top-five spot. In 21 games this season, he has a 10-6 record with a 3.87 ERA. He has the most wins and the second-most innings pitched (100) on the team and is a key starter. If he’s out, they’ll lose a key piece of their top-five defense. That’s why they’re lucky the injury is minor.

Kim plans to use a replacement starter in Lee’s place. Coincidentally, the game against KT in Suwon on the 23rd was canceled due to rain. He said, “We’ll postpone the starting rotation by one turn. Next Tuesday (the 29th) is Lee Yi-ri’s turn, but we’ll have to substitute him with another player.” Lee will be back in action on the first weekend of September, after the required 10 days to re-register for the roster.

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