“We even put out a stop sign in the second half” LG’s baseball overhaul adds a touch of sophistication

“In the second half, we’ll have a (stolen base) stop sign.”

The LG Twins are overhauling “running baseball. In the second half of the season, the Twins will be making more chances on the basepaths.

LG finished the first half of the season in first place in the league with a record of 49 wins, 30 losses, two ties and a .620 winning percentage. It was the first first-half title in 26 years since 1997.

“Our coaching staff and players did a really good job in the first half, executing the things we prepared. Above all, I think it’s great that the players know their baseball and did a good job in it.”

LG’s theme this season is “shut up and attack. We decided to be aggressive on offense, defense, and base running.

In the offense, they are not afraid to hit the three-ball. “There’s a high probability of getting a hit on a three-ball,” Yeom said, explaining the reasoning behind hitting three-balls.

The combination of these efforts has led LG to a team batting average of .285. They also lead the league in team runs scored (437) and team hits (791).

On the other hand, there are times when aggression is poison. Namely, stolen bases. While LG is first in this category with 86 team stolen bases, they also have the most thrown outs. A whopping 54 times. That’s nearly double the number of stolen bases of second-place NC and Doosan (28).

Yeom doesn’t criticize his players when they fail to steal.

However, he vowed to improve the accuracy of their base running in the second half. “In the second half, we’ll put up a stop sign,” Yeom said, referring to the moment when Shin Min-jae failed to steal against Hanwha on April 12.

Shin batted leadoff in the bottom of the sixth inning with the team trailing 0-2 and hit a single against Moon Dong-joo. However, the next batter, Hong Chang-ki, attempted to steal a base on a wild pitch and was tagged out at second base.먹튀검증

Yoon said, “I ran when I shouldn’t have run. But I didn’t criticize him for the failed steal,” Yeom said, “but I told him this instead. I said, ‘Run when you have the green light. When they don’t, there’s a reason,” he explained.

“I was thinking about stealing a base. But after the second strike, I thought about the timing of the curve. Moon has a good slide step. It forms in the 1s and 20s. With the timing of the curve, Shin Min-jae has plenty of life. The batter might swing at it and interfere with it, and it might interfere with his throw. But when he stole the base, the 150-kilometer fastball came on a course that was easy for the catcher to catch.”

Although the team finished the first half in first place, it was still not enough. Therefore, Yeom is going into the second half of the season with more attention to detail.

During the All-Star break, LG has a total of three days of training planned. They will focus on the strategic part of the training.

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