“We are not Neymar”… Munich fans, why suddenly ‘Neymar Taryeong’ in Paris?

Some supporters of Bayern Munich were very angry.

On the 15th, Munich played an away match against the home team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the 2022/23 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League round of 16 first leg at Prince Park Stadium in Paris, France.

Even though the opponents started with Lionel Messi and Neymar as the starters, and Kylian Mbappe was put in in the second half, striker Kingsley Comang scored a goal in the 8th minute of the second half, so they won 1-0 and prepared for the second leg at home. 온라인바카라

In this match, not only the stadium where many world stars gathered, but also the spectators became a hot topic.

This is because Munich away fans took out a large banner during the first half and criticized PSG.

One banner read “70 euros? We are not Neymar”. Another banner read “20 euros is enough, PSG” with profanity.

According to Germany’s ‘Sport’, this is a criticism of PSG’s selling away fans at high prices.

Munich played an away game against Czech club Pilsen in the group stage, and the newspaper claims that Pilsen sold tickets to Munich fans at a price five times higher than usual.

In the case of soccer games, away fans are highly loyal, so there are not a few cases where they buy tickets without worrying about a little expensive. It was interpreted that Pilsen raised the ticket price five times in consideration of this and the fact that Munich fans are well-to-do Germans.

When a similar thing happened in PSG, Munich fans protested by citing Neymar, who has the highest weekly wage at PSG with 1.5 billion won.

Sport also said, “Before the game, a scuffle broke out between the Paris police and the Munich fans.”

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