Visualization of the destination of the largest fish of ‘100 million pounds’… Leading clubs are already ‘recruiting themselves’

The next strong club is already confident of recruiting.

The British media ‘Daily Star’ said on the 7th (Korean time), “Arsenal were confident that they had an advantage in signing West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice (24). The transfer is getting closer.”

Rice is known as one of the biggest midfielders in the summer transfer market. At a young age, he was reborn as a West Ham captain and a top midfielder in the English Premier League (PL). He has excellent defense and build-up ability, as well as leadership. He is also a key resource in the England national team under coach Gareth Southgate.

The love call for Rice was already hot. Manchester City and Manchester United, as well as Chelsea in the Premier League, were also eyeing him. The interest in the versatile rice never ceased. Even Rice’s intention to transfer was firm. He turned down several offers from West Ham to renew his contract. In an interview, he said, “I also want to play on the best stage. I want to hear the championship trophy,” as if eager to transfer to a big club.

After a fierce recruitment battle, Arsenal seems to be laughing. Under manager Mikel Arteta, Arsenal rose to the realm of competition for the Premier League title. It is메이저놀이터 a two-final system with Man City this season. Next season, he will strengthen his strength and aim to win the Premier League as well as promote the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Even according to local media reports, coach Arteta is known to strongly want to recruit Rice.

Personal conditions are also expected to be much higher. Rice currently earns £60,000 a week (about 100 million won) at West Ham. According to the ‘Daily Star’, Rice is scheduled to receive 240,000 pounds (about 400 million won), four times the previous price, when transferring to Arsenal.

In the meantime, Rice’s current team, West Ham (34 points in 34 matches), is competing for survival in the Premier League. 15, but I can’t be relieved. It is only 4 points away from 18th place Nottingham Forest (30 points in 34 matches). Depending on the remaining matches, the possibility of relegation still exists.

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