“Victory achieved by the players” coach Kim Wan-soo gave credit to the players

 Coach Kim Wan-soo won a thrilling one-point victory. It was a win that could be laughed at in many ways, including the signs of Park Ji-soo’s revival and the competitive edge of the match.

Cheongju KB Stars, led by coach Kim Wan-soo, won the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league home game against Busan BNK Some held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 20th, 62-61. KB Stars announced that the fight to advance to the playoffs is not over yet through the victory that day.

It was a fierce battle. As Park Ji-soo returned, Kim Han-byeol, Jinan, Han Eom-ji, Park Ji-soo, and Kim Min-jung waged a war under the goal. The winner by decision was KB Stars. Park Ji-soo played a step up in karate and defense, and Kim Min-jung led the victory by taking responsibility for the final score.

KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo said, “First of all, the BNK players were heavy in the beginning. All the players did well, but it is regrettable that they allowed the opponent to pursue due to mistakes in defense. I think they should talk more about what they are good at. This victory is a victory achieved by the players.”

Park Ji-soo’s performance was an indispensable victory. Park Ji-soo showed his presence on both sides of his offense and defense, and even showed bold play by throwing his body generously. BNK coach Park Jeong-eun’s plan to reduce the power by pushing Park Ji-soo outside was undone.

Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “(Park) Ji-soo is a player with more power. He thinks he’s still at 50%. He tends to avoid physical fights because he’s out of energy right now, but you said that you have a skill you originally had. I think it has risen to 70% in my current play,” he said without hiding a laugh. 바카라사이트

The player who ended the fierce game was Kim Min-jung. KB Stars allowed a 1-point lead with 5 seconds left at the end of the game, but Kim Min-jung scored under the final goal to take a thrilling victory. Regarding Kim Min-jung’s last goal, coach Kim Wan-soo said, “(Park) Ji-soo’s first plan was to put a screen on and see a scoring opportunity. In the process, the defense was driven by Ji-soo, and (Kim) Min-jung dug into the empty back space well. He is a player who is good at playing like that.”

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