Trout is coming again… U.S. 62 home run MVP, will not attend the next WBC?

“It’s hard to say now.”

Is the major league’s best giant hitter not participating in the 2026 World Baseball Classic (WBC)?

This year’s WBC ended with Japan’s victory. Japan defeated the United States 3-2 in the WBC final on the 22nd (Korean time) and held the championship trophy in its arms for the first time in 14 years.

It was an unfortunate bout for the United States, the homeland of baseball. The United States, thrilled by its first win at the 2017 WBC, tried to win a second consecutive championship, but was blocked by Japan.

In fact, it is pointed out that the United States has failed to form a ‘top-notch corps’. Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, who set a new American League record by hitting 62 homers last year and won the league MVP, also did not participate after much consideration.스포츠토토

The US’New York Post’ said on the 23rd, “Jersey signed a long-term contract with the Yankees and decided not to participate in the WBC as he was appointed captain by Hal Steinbrenner’s owner.” It was announced that the event would be held in 2017, but Judge’s position was not clear.”

Judge also watched the WBC final. In particular, the confrontation between Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout in the top of the ninth inning remained a famous scene in baseball history. Judge said he watched the final scene of the finals, saying, “I hoped Trout would hit a home run to tie the game. A full count between the two best players is what every baseball fan wants.”

However, Judge did not confirm or deny the possibility of participating in the WBC in 2026, saying, “It is difficult to say now because it is three years later.” Contrast that with Trout, who said, “I want to go to the WBC in 2026 somehow.”

“When the time comes, you’ll know. The WBC is a fun and surprising event. It captivates the world. It’s a stage where the best players in the world compete. Kids everywhere watch the games until late,” Judge said. Although he said he knew it well, he was cautious about participating in the WBC.

After last season, Judge signed a new contract with the Yankees for 9 years, $360 million. Can he show the dignity of the home run king again this year? Judge, who is currently focusing on the team’s spring training, pledged to play this season by saying, “I’m just trying to be better than last year.”

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