Trade partner→circle round and round to one team… Veteran 3 musketeers, is Hanwha the last puzzle?

April 7, 2017 was an unforgettable day for Myeong-gi Lee (36) and Su-gwang Noh (33). The news of the 4-4 trade between SK (now SSG) and KIA heated up the baseball world. A total of 8 players changed their uniforms, but until then, many evaluated that it was actually an exchange between Lee Myung-gi and Noh Su-gwang.

The styles of the two players are not exactly the same, but it was more so because there are many corners that can be compared. Both players were leadoff players, had the ability to make contact, were outfielders, and were quick on their feet. As a result, the trade was successful. Lee Myung-gi helped KIA win the Korean Series in 2017. Noh Soo-gwang, who settled in the starting lineup, could not participate in the Korean Series due to injury, but contributed to SK’s victory in the Korean Series in 2018.안전놀이터

In the process of going round and round, one more bond was created. Noh Soo-gwang returned to his home team at the time of SK and Hanwha’s trade in 2020, and the trade partner was right-hander Lee Tae-yang (33). Coincidentally, however, all three players are eating rice in one pot at Hanwha this year. Following Noh Soo-gwang, Lee Tae-yang returned to his home team with the qualification of a free agent (FA), and Lee Myung-gi, who was also a free agent, wore a Hanwha uniform after signing and trading.

All three players have an immediate sense of power. In Hanwha, which cannot be said to have a strong player base, they are players who must do their part. The process so far has been smooth. Lee Taeyang is cruising as expected. Noh Su-gwang is showing signs of escaping from last year’s slump. Lee Myung-gi, who joined last, is raising his batting pace.

Taeyang Lee, who signed a four-year contract with Hanwha for a total of 2.5 billion won, is even serving as a leader in Hanwha’s young pitching staff. It is evaluated that he is becoming his focal point by increasing contact with his juniors after joining the team. He leads his juniors, sometimes affectionately and sometimes coldly. This is the reason for the favorable comments from the officials. He pitched two innings in two appearances in exhibition games and finished cleanly without conceding a run. His importance has already been highly recognized as the core of Hanwha Pilseung’s team this year.

Since the Nosu Gwangdo camp, which was rather sluggish in the past two years, his good batting and light body movements have been praised by manager Carlos Subero. His exhibition game start is also good. Coach Subero said, “I’ve been showing a good pace since the practice game. I’ve been building my body very well. In 2021, when the players didn’t have a one-on-one, Noh Soo-gwang caught my eye, but the short swing at that time is coming out.” He praised him as “one of the candidates in the top batting line.” He is evaluated as being one step ahead of the competition for starting outfield positions.

Lee Myung-gi, who was late to join the team, built up his body in the 2nd group and joined the 1st group. Lee Myung-gi, who trained in Kochi, Japan, where he was a camp during his rookie days, thought a lot about his past and got his initial focus. Lee Myeong-gi smiled, saying, “At the time, I had a lot of training, so I couldn’t afford it, but this time I went and saw it. It was new. I was grateful that I had been playing baseball so far.” I think I have to do it,” he said, foreshadowing the sprint for the remaining demonstration games. Attention is focusing on whether the three players who gathered around will become an important puzzle piece for Hanwha’s last-place finish.

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