‘Third away’ KGC Ginseng Corporation-GS Caltex, Korea Expressway Corporation

If KGC Ginseng Corporation and GS Caltex want to advance into ‘Spring Volleyball’, the first target to overcome is Korea Expressway Corporation.

On the 3rd of last month, when the 7 women’s teams reached the halfway point in the regular league, the mid-ranking teams were huddled together. At the time, the 4th to 6th place KGC Ginseng Corporation, GS Caltex, and IBK Industrial Bank, which were chasing Korea Expressway Corporation in 3rd place, were only 4 points apart. But now that the fifth round has just begun, the situation is different. Korea Expressway Corporation (14 wins, 11 losses, 41 points) widened the gap with KGC Ginseng Corporation (11 wins, 14 losses, 35 points), and GS Caltex (11 wins, 13 losses, 33 points) and began to consolidate third place. 6th place IBK Industrial Bank (9 wins, 15 losses, 28 points) has lost momentum to pursue them.

If the difference between the 3rd and 4th places is less than 3 points, the two teams will have a semi-playoff (PO). The regular season is coming to an end. KGC Ginseng Corporation has 11 games in the 5th and 6th rounds, and GS Caltex has 12 games left. KGC Ginseng Corporation lost all 5 matches against Korea Expressway Corporation this season, and GS Caltex only recorded 1 win and 3 losses in 4 matches. There are only 1 or 2 games left in the Korea Expressway Corporation, but the reason why it is desperate to overcome the inferiority is clear. 먹튀검증

For KGC Ginseng Corporation and GS Caltex, Korea Expressway Corporation is highly likely to be a confrontational opponent when entering the semi-PO. We need to look at more than just advancing to ‘Spring Volleyball’. Hyundai E&C (1 win, 3 losses), Heungkuk Life Insurance (4 losses), and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea (2 wins, 2 losses) can be obstacles for Korea Expressway Corporation, but you shouldn’t just hope for the opponent’s defeat.

Korea Expressway Corporation is ahead of KGC Ginseng Corporation and GS Caltex in both height and attack power. The league’s top middle blocker (center) Bae Yu-na and veteran Jeong Dae-young, as well as apologetic spiker (right) Catbell and outside hitter (left) Jeon Sae-yan, are also excellent at side blocking. Both KGC Ginseng Corporation and GS Caltex have struggled with this.

KGC Ginseng Corporation is also a task to resolve the ups and downs of domestic strikers who will support Elisabeth. GS Caltex is expected to strengthen its offensive power with the return of MoMA. In addition, middle blocker Han Su-ji, who is the number one in blocking in the league, can be put in front. However, we need a way to overcome the absolute height and numerical inferiority.

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