“The strategy for attacking Ohtani is…” A Japanese coach who refused to cover his own country revealed

How to attack Otani…”

Battery coach Yuji Serizawa, who newly joined the Doosan Bears ahead of this season, revealed the strategy of Shohei Ohtani (28, LA Angels), the Japanese WBC national team. collected

Coach Serizawa is a veteran coach with more than 20 years of coaching experience, starting with Japanese professional baseball. After going through Chunichi Dragons and Rakuten Golden Eagles in 1997, his relationship with Korea began in 2010 with SK Wyverns. After that, he went to Yakult Swallows in the middle, but after coaching Samsung Lions and LG Twins, he experienced a combined victory at SSG last season.

He took on a new challenge again this year. This time it is Doosan. It is already the fourth team in the KBO League.

He is guiding the catchers at the Doosan Spring Camp in Australia. At the Doosan camp, five catchers are training, including Yang Eui-ji, who has returned, Jang Seung-hyun, Ahn Seung-han, Park Yoo-yeon, and newcomer Yoon Jun-ho.

Coach Serizawa, whom we met at the camp on the 5th, said, “The Doosan atmosphere is good. As expected, they are very smart. During his

long career in Korea, Serizawa coached the national team’s catchers: Jin Gap-yong (KIA battery coach and WBC national team battery coach), Park Kyung-wan (LG head coach), and Kang Min-ho (Samsung). .

Here is not the end. Lee Ji-young (Kiwoom), who is on the 2023 WBC national team, is also a disciple of coach Serizawa. I ate rice in one pot during my Samsung days. Here, Yang Eui-ji was added.

In response, Coach Serizawa expressed his humility, “It is true that I worked with them. But I did not grow up with them. Being together means more to me.”

When talking about the WBC national team, Coach Serizawa revealed one surprising fact. He said that an interview request came from Japan, but he refused. 안전놀이터

He said, “To be honest, there was a request from Japan to cover the WBC national team. I couldn’t talk because my students Yang Eui-ji and Lee Ji-young were catchers for the national team. I honestly support Korea. I have been working in Korea for more than 10 years and currently belong to Doosan. It’s because I don’t know Japanese players more than Korea. That’s why I think I should support Korea more.”

At the same time, he said he would give Korean reporters tips on how to attack the Japanese national team.

When asked about Ohtani’s strategy, coach Serizawa said, “The key point is Ohtani. Even if you look at the batting, it is. I think there will be. It’s because we respond to fastballs when practicing,” he said. “It’s a battle of whether or not you can hit a breaking ball. It will be difficult to deal with a breaking ball at this time. I think I will become taller,” he pointed out.

How to deal with a sharp forkball? Coach Serizawa observed, “There are definitely players who can wait for a fastball and respond to a forkball.”

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