The scariest being… Cancelo ‘Shock’ transfer

The most terrifying existence.’

This is what opposing fans said whenever Joao Cancelo (28), the ‘wingback’ of Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL), made a flashing move. Cancelo has been a key resource for the team, being named in the Premier League Team of the Year over the past two seasons. This kind of cancellation is a ‘shock’ transfer to Germany. This is because the position has changed, such as the recent decrease in playing time.

British media BBC reported on the 31st that “Manchester City defender João Cancelo is leaving for a loan transfer with a full transfer option to Bayern Munich.”

Cancelo has been active as a key player for Pep Guardiola (51) Manchester City coach. After leaving Juventus in 2019 to join Manchester City, he played 98 EPL matches. Cancelo, who does not cover the left and right sides, played the role of a midfielder based on an aggressive tendency. He helped Manchester City attack with an accurate kick. In his last two seasons he was voted into the Premier League Team of the Year. 토토사이트

The reason Cancelo decided to transfer was because his playing time was reduced. It is evaluated that the recent tactical change has changed the position of Cancelu. The BBC said, “After striker Elling Holland (22) joined Manchester City, Cancelo’s influence declined. Guardiola made a tactical change. Teenage defender Rico Lewis (18) has increased playing time. Nathan Ake (27) also showed off his improved performance on the left flank. “Guardiola’s options have become more abundant.”

In fact, Cancelo often kept the bench in recent games. After the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, there were only three starting matches. There were many cases where Ake and Louis appeared. Cancelo’s dissatisfaction exploded. There are reports that there was also a situation in which an argument with Guardiola occurred during training.

In the end, it seems that Cancelo will leave the team. Guardiola also made the decision to let Cancelo go. Full transfer is also possible. The BBC said, “Canselu is moving on loan to Munich. In the summer transfer window, a complete transfer to Munich is also possible. It is a contract that includes a transfer fee of 70 million euros (approximately 93.5 billion won).”

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