‘The King of the End’ passed the sword, how will Samsung treat Oh Seung-hwan?

 The Samsung Lions have as much trouble as free agents in salary negotiations this winter.

According to Samsung on the 11th, Oh Seung-hwan entrusted the club with an annual salary contract for 2023. Oh Seung-hwan recorded 6 wins, 2 losses, 31 saves, and an average ERA of 3.32 last year, ranking fourth in the league in saves.

Samsung said, “As the team’s oldest player, Oh Seung-hwan is responsible for the team’s performance that did not advance to the postseason, as well as the team’s intention to entrust his salary for 2023 with the meaning of a white uniform for the individual and team rebound this season.” delivered,” he said.

Oh Seung-hwan is the best closer in the past and present of the KBO League. He achieved 30 saves for the first three consecutive years from 2006 to 2008 and became the league save king with 44 saves in 2021, the 17th year of his professional debut, and boasted his rust-free skills.

Oh Seung-hwan’s annual salary last year was 1.6 billion won. He was the protagonist of the highest increase in the team, up 500 million won from 2021 (1.1 billion won). Oh Seung-hwan, who had splendidly restored his honor, personally faltered last year and the team finished in 7th place.

Now it’s Samsung’s turn to think about it. Oh Seung-hwan will be required to become a free agent after this season. Samsung can’t help but think about the years after that, including this year. The stumbling block is that Seung-hwan Oh is not showing as much power as he did when he threw the ‘stone fastball’ that seemed to split the old bat.

Regardless of grades, Samsung players naturally learn a lot from Oh Seung-hwan, who does not skip body care, including weight training, even at the age of 40. Even on the mound, when the team faces a major crisis, there is still no card that can be trusted and used as much as Oh Seung-hwan. 슬롯사이트

The salary cap applied from this year totals 11.42638 billion won, and the total salary cap for the top 40 employees at Samsung last year was 12.76395 billion won. For the next few years, Samsung needs to set a reasonable ransom for Oh, taking into account the salary cap issue. Although Oh Seung-hwan obtains free agent requirements after this season, it is not easy to leave Samsung in practice.

Oh Seung-hwan is challenging the record of 400 saves in the KBO this season and 500 saves in Korea, the U.S. and Japan. A stage that no one has ever stepped on. Oh Seung-hwan returned to his original intentions, leaving the salary negotiations to the club in front of that spectacular record. Oh Seung-hwan started the 2023 season in Okinawa, Japan, the site of his club’s spring camp on the 10th. What’s left is a calculator that Samsung has to tap into.

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