The international baduk world that overcame the corona, the tide is bursting

Spring is coming to the baduk world as the long corona pandemic begins to show its end. The international baduk world, which has been shrinking for the past three years, will stretch with face-to-face competitions this year.

The 5th Senko Cup World Women’s Go Championship, which will be held in Japan from the 3rd, cuts off the tape. Eight female knights, including Korea’s Choi Jeong 9th Dan, compete face-to-face for the championship cup and 10 million yen (approximately 97 million won) of prize money.

In the Senko Cup, an 8-person invitational tournament, after holding the 1st and 2nd tournaments, the 3rd and 4th tournaments were converted to online methods as they fell into the corona situation, and the prize money was drastically cut in half.

Hosted by Korea, the 28th LG Cup welcomes the new season with face-to-face finals in May. The round of 24 will be held on the 29th and the round of 16 will be held on the 31st. Prior to that, a domestic contest will be held in April.

However, the scenery of the integrated preliminary round, where the knights from each country gathered at the Korea Kiwon competition hall and competed for the ticket to the finals, will not be seen this year. This is because it will be replaced with a selection match by country. The prize money of the LG Cup is 300 million won for the winner and 100 million won for the runner-up.

In May, the ‘Women’s Baduk Three Kingdoms’ Hobanbae, which took its first step as an online competition last year, is preparing to continue its second season. It is unclear whether it will be non-face-to-face or face-to-face. The prize money that the winning country monopolizes is 100 million won.

The finals of Nanga Bae, a new machine that was scheduled to be held online at the end of last year but was suddenly postponed due to the corona situation in China, will cut the first tape in Quzhou.

In the round of 32 system, 8 Koreans, 15 Chinese, 5 Japanese, 2 Taiwanese, 1 European, and 1 North American will participate. 180? Chem? for the championship, 600,000 yuan for the runner-up.

In June, the Glovis Cup World Baduk U-20, a stage for under 20 years old, the Oh Cheong-won Cup, a women’s stage, and the Shinan International Senior Championship, a senior stage, will continue their new season. In July, the Guksu Mountains International Baduk Tournament will return to its ninth season.

The Dream Lily Festival, hosted by China, will open in August in Jiangsu Province. It is a new season after the opening of the 4th tournament in 2019. A detailed outline was also published. In the round of 64 finals, 16 seeded players and 48 players from each country selected. The seeds are 2 finalists, 3 Koreans, 5 Chinese, 3 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese, and 2 wild cards.

11 Koreans (including 1 female pro, 2 amateurs), 23 Chinese (including 2 female pros, 2 amateurs), 8 Japanese (including 1 female pro), 2 Taiwanese, 2 North Americans people, two Europeans.

The round of 64 on August 3rd, the round of 32 on August 4th, the round of 16 on August 6th, the quarterfinals and semifinals at the end of the year, and the 5th final in early May next year. The winning prize is 1.8 million yuan (approximately 340 million won), the same as the previous tournament. Prior to that, the Chinese Qualifying Tournament will be held in March.

The 14th Chunran Cup (Byeon Sang-il vs. Li Xuan-hao), with only the finals left, is likely to be held in July, and the 10th Ing Si-bae (Shin Jin-seo vs. Sheke) in August. Among them, Mr. Ing has been delayed for more than two years after the finalists were selected in January 2021. The prize money is $150,000 for Chunran-bae and $400,000 for Ing-ssi-bae. At the current exchange rate, they are about 197 million won and 525 million won, respectively. 토토사이트

The Asian Games, which have been postponed for a year, will kick off in September in Hangzhou. Baduk, which entered the official event for the second time after entering the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games as an official event for the first time, competes for medals in the men’s team event, women’s team event, and men’s individual event. The Korean national team is also planning to enter the Jincheon National Training Center in August to warm up.

In addition, various large and small international competitions such as Samsung Fire Cultivation in November are waiting. It is the half world of 2023 that gets hot again. How many championship cups will the Korean baduk players win, and what will be the results of the strength competition between Korea and China? Go fans are happy.

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