The ‘intangible Yang Hee-jong effect’ alerted by the enemy commander

“You come out? You run? Right?”

A rather unfamiliar voice was heard in the middle of the KGC team walking down the hallway for a team meeting before the match. It was Kim Seung-gi, the coach of the opposing team, Carrot.

Coach Kim Seung-gi asked Yang Hee-jong, who was the only one in the KGC team wearing a white T-shirt and long sweatpants, “Are you going to play today?” in the KGC team, where everyone was wearing red T-shirts. replaced the answer with

Yang Hee-jong, who decided to retire, played 52 games in the regular league this season. However, they missed the previous two playoff games.메이저놀이터

KGC coach Kim Sang-sik said, “It is included in the entry. I can run, but my physical condition is not normal. I will run when it is absolutely necessary, but I will have to watch it.”

On the other hand, director Kim Seung-gi of Carrot laughed, saying, “I’m sure it will come out, but the kid doesn’t talk.” Why is coach Kim Seung-gi so interested in Yang Hee-jong’s participation?

Although it is his last season, his fighting spirit on the court and his dominance in defense are clear. He also has the experience of scoring important goals in big matches. He’s definitely a player who can turn the tide if he gets into the game.

However, manager Kim Seung-gi also mentioned his off-court role.

He said, “Immediately after we won the second game, Yang Hee-jong called the players separately and organized the atmosphere. He definitely has a different presence.

Yang Hee-jong said, “Rather than anything special, I thought it was necessary to talk about why we lost. Of course, the players would know that well, but I thought we should make it clear as soon as it was over. Not only that day, but also this morning, there were a lot of things like that. We talked about it. Today, we will show a different appearance from the second game.”

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation and Goyang Carrot Jumpers will have the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Game 3 at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 17th.

Attention is focusing on how the intangible effect of Yang Hee-jong, whom coach Kim Seung-gi was wary of, will have on the game 3, which will be the most important match to advance to the championship match.

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