The first Jamsil Derby winning series coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop “Plutko perfect pitching… I look forward to more of the central batters”

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG shared his impressions of winning the winning series in the first Jamsil Derby.

LG won 3-1 against Doosan in Jamsil on the 15th. Starting pitcher Adam Plutko kept the mound firmly with 6 scoreless innings. At the end of the 6th inning, the batting line showed concentration, scoring 3 points against native ace Kwak Bin. In the chance, Austin’s sacrifice fly and Moon Bo-kyung’s double led the team to victory.

After Plutko finished pitching, Kim Jin-seong, Jung Woo-young, Ham Deok-joo, and Lee Jeong-yong took the mound and completed the victory. With the victory on this day, LG booked the first three-game winning series with Doosan this season. The season record was 9 wins and 4 losses.메이저놀이터

After the game, coach Yeom said, “We selected the outfield defensive position well at the beginning of the game, so we blocked the opponent’s attack and laid the foundation for victory. I want to commend coach Lee Jong-beom for being good at positioning,” he said. “Starter Plutko pitched perfectly. The middle pitchers also played their roles well.”

Director Yeom continued, “In the other line, the center hitters performed well, and I am looking forward to the performance of the center hitters in the future. We were able to win thanks to the support of many fans who came to visit us over the weekend. I am always grateful,” he said.

LG announced Lim Chan-gyu as the starting pitcher on the 16th. For Doosan, Choi Seung-yong will start.

Plutko, who completed his mission as a starting pitcher, said, “It is always difficult against Doosan. We played a high level game today. If it wasn’t for Moon Seong-joo’s defense and Moon Bo-kyung’s hits, today’s victory would have been difficult.” Kim Hyun-soo talked about having the mindset of thinking and acting as a team, and he smiled and said, “It came out like that in the game and I’m really happy.”

He continued, “I pitched aggressively with the idea that there was only one hitter on the mound and nine fielders with me. He’s still not as perfect as he’d like to play, but he’ll continue to improve as he gets to the mound. It was like playing a postseason game today, and I thank the fans for being with me. We are ready to go to a higher place together.”

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