The equestrian team is in danger of not participating in the Asian Games due to notification of ‘100 million won for horse transportation’

The Equestrian Association has received applications for equestrian events in the Asian Games until today, but the application deadline has been postponed to next week as all national team players have not applied.

Reporter Seok Min-hyeok covered what happened.

This is an official letter received by the equestrian team players yesterday.

They asked me to inform them of my intention to participate in the Asian Games, and they asked me to submit the application by 3:00 pm today, one day later.

However, it is said that you have to pay 100 million won for the carriage of the horse to Hangzhou via Europe.

This is because companies’ support for horseback riding was cut off after the Gukjeong Nongdan incident, but it is a lightning bolt for the players.

In fact, there were no applicants for the dressage event, and the top four national level players who were eligible to compete in the obstacle event did not submit applications.

In the end, the Equestrian Association postponed the deadline for expressing their intention to participate, which had been until today, until the 25th.

It is a position that we will 카지노사이트 discuss alternatives with the Korea Sports Association next Tuesday.

An official from the Equestrian Association said
, “If you can get one more, it’s better to get it and then guide it.”

However, there is no clear plan to overturn the ‘player’s self-pay principle.

Kim Gyun-seop / Player
“We sweated blood and sweat to prepare for the tournament, but if we don’t have money, we have to give up

. “

In the end, only the players ahead of the competition are the burden.

Kim Hyuk
“We can’t blow away the Asian Games we’ve been preparing for five years like this.”

This is Seok Min-hyeok from TV Chosun.

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