The changed Daejeon, the fans who feel the most… “Just like the name of the team, everyone became ‘one'” 

“Just like the name of the team, it feels like we are becoming ‘one’.”

Long-time fans are the ones who are most excited about the ‘soccer spring’ that has come to Daejeon Hana Citizen. Kwon Hyeok-min, chairman of Daejeon Supporters’Lovers, said, “I feel so good every day these days. Because now the team is going in a good direction,” he smiled. He said that even before, he felt like going to the stadium to fight.

What impresses the fans the most is the moving performance and fighting spirit of the players. When we won the game against Seoul on the 1st with Martha’s dramatic goal, there were fans including Chairman Kwon who shed tears because of the thrill of ‘really becoming a different team than before’. 카지노

In addition, the parent company’s active investment and the club’s willingness to ‘communicate’ with the front desk are also reasons why fans feel the change desperately.

The parent company’s investment cut off the vicious cycle from the time of the citizen’s club. In the past, when talented players were developed, they were often taken away by other clubs. Now, it has become a team that can embrace the national team players and treat them to such an extent that there is no reason to leave for another club. The players who became attached to the team naturally formed a strong bond with the fans. The strengthening of the team power led to an increase in performance and performance, and an increase in fans.

The club front’s willingness to actively communicate is also a part that has changed significantly from before. Ham Young-joo, chairman of Hana Financial Group, not only visits the home stadium, but also actively communicates directly with fans to provide support. Even after the last game against Seoul, he had a meeting with fans by making a direct request.

Chairman Kwon said, “Chairman Ham Young-joo spares no support for fans to cheer for more fun and to use the stadium more comfortably and happily. I can see how well he understands the hearts of the fans, so the fans can’t help but like it.” He explained that it is a combination of the president’s surname ‘Ham’ and Amen’s ‘men’.”

The front desk, who went through difficulties together during the Citizens’ Team, is also actively communicating with the fans. We are actively trying to improve the needs of the fans, and on the contrary, the club is also giving and receiving help from each other, such as asking supporters for support. It is everyone’s effort to make the club in a better direction.

This eventually leads to a virtuous cycle of team performance, performance, and full seats. “Now it feels like the front desk, the players, and the fans are definitely becoming ‘one’ more than before. The team seems to be going in the ‘right direction’”. It is the atmosphere of Daejeon felt by the fans.

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