The ‘165km monster’ ranked in the league. April Monthly MVP overwhelmingly 1st place

‘165 km monster’ Roki Sasaki (21) was selected as the monthly MVP for March and April of the Japanese professional baseball Pacific League.

Central League and Pacific Lee announced the ‘Monthly MVP Award’ for March and April on the 11th.

In the Pacific League pitching category, Chiba Lotte Sasaki Rocky won the award.

It is the second award after last year when he achieved the youngest perfect game in history.

Since he competed in the WBC as a member of Samurai Japan, his first appearance was on April 6, but he appeared in 4 games and recorded 3 wins, an ERA of 1.00, and 38 strikeouts.

He was able to start in good form this season as well. Sasaki expressed his gratitude to Soo-jin Ya, saying, “After the WBC, my condition was quite difficult, but I was able to spend a month in good shape with the help of the Beast.”

On April 14, Samurai Japan’s teammate Orix Yamamoto faced off against him, and in a narrow game, he blocked it with 7 scoreless innings and became the winning pitcher.

Sasaki said, “It was a very important match for the team as well, and we saved one point. Regarding that, I think it has grown since last year.”

He cited the slider as the evolution in the technical part, responding that it is working in a good way, such as an increase in the throwing rate compared to last year and an effective bending of the ball at will.

Last season, he pitched in 5 games in March and April and won 3 wins. He did not even reach the regulation innings pitched.

In the game against Softbank on the 5th, due to a blister on the middle finger of his right hand, he recorded no hits and no runs and 12 strikeouts, and went down 5 times, but is recovering smoothly.메이저놀이터

Sasaki said, “Last year, it was good to start at the beginning, but there were many cases where there were no results, such as breaking away in the second half. expressed his aspirations.

Meanwhile, Hanshin pitcher Murakami and Yokohama DeNA Miyazagi were selected in the Central League, and Seibu Nakamura was selected in the Pacific League.

Murakami pitched 25 scoreless innings and Miyasaka recorded a high batting average of 0.444. Nakamura recorded a batting average of 0.364, which was second in the league, and recorded 7 home runs, including home runs in 3 consecutive games.

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