Suwon 8G Museung, Choi Seong-yong’s acting coach promise “I will do my best until the end”

Choi Seong-yong (48), acting manager of Suwon Samsung, left the press conference with a promise to the fans. He did not give up despite the long slump of the team, and vowed to fight to the end to remain in the K-League 1.

Suwon lost 1-3 in an away game against FC Seoul in the 8th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd. Suwon, who scored three goals first, Mulich scored a comeback goal in the 43rd minute of the second half, but lacked the time and energy to turn the game around. With this, Suwon could not get out of the swamp of 2 draws and 6 losses (2 points). still the lowest

It was the 100th Super Match on this day, so Suwon suffered more. With this loss, Suwon’s total record against Seoul is 38 wins, 22 draws and 40 losses.메이저놀이터

After the defeat against Jeju United on the 15th, Suwon fired head coach Lee Byeong-geun and applied shock therapy. However, he failed to rebound in the Seoul game. On the 25th, the sluggishness could be longer to meet the top-tier Pohang Steelers.

Acting Choi Seong-yong said after the match, “As manager Lee Byeong-geun left, the result was important, but he told us to create an atmosphere where we do our best without giving up until the end. I tried to fill in the missing parts, but it seems that the players felt the pressure while conceding points. I also tried to do the parts that I prepared tactically. But I don’t think I could keep up with Seoul’s tactical changes.”

He continued, “Anyway, the players feel a lot of pressure as they see and hear the results and bad parts. It seems that they feel heavy on themselves because they can’t escape this responsibility. “I feel sorry for me and the players. This is something I also need to think about. I will think again about how the players can overcome the burden and sense of defeat and find a way to win.”

Suwon was worried about relegation from the beginning of the season due to endless sluggish draws. The gap with other teams continues to widen. However, Acting Choi Seong-yong promised that he would not give up until the end under any circumstances.

Acting Choi Seong-yong added a word even after the press conference questions were over. He conveyed his gratitude to the fans in Suwon who continued to support him despite the lowest score and the team’s commitment to do their best. He said, “We showed poor results to those who supported and expected it. It may not have been a performance that we did not like, but the players did their best by being together during the time they prepared. I will. And I want to say sorry to the supporters and fans.”

He added, “I will work hard and do my best with the players until the end as much as the time given to me.”

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