SUN doppelganger pitcher who underwent elbow surgery, “Sooner or later catch ball… If it doesn’t hurt, your grades will follow”

 The nickname of NC Dinos pitcher Bae Jae-hwan (28) is ‘Bae Dong-yeol’. Because of his resemblance to former national team coach Seon Dong-yeol, the nickname was created after Bae Jae-hwan’s surname and former coach Seon Dong-yeol’s name. He contains the expectation that he will throw as well as former coach Seon Dong-yeol, and the belief that he can throw that much. 

Bae Jae-hwan, who was highly anticipated as a joker for the top 5 competition after being discharged from Sangmu, underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow in September of last year. After taking a break for a while, he calmly said, “I was planning to prepare slowly for this season without overdoing it.” 

Current condition is good. He is showing a smooth recovery enough to catch the ball he put down for a while. Bae Jae-hwan said, “I’m going to start playing catch soon,” and smiled brightly, saying, “My shoulder wasn’t in good shape, but thanks to the training part, he took good care of it, so there’s no problem.” 

Along with recovering his physical condition, he cited improving control as his main task. Bae Jae-hwan said, “When I think of myself, I don’t have good control. I believe that all beats need to fit the body to improve control. I’m working hard to find the best beat.” 

After being discharged, his shoulders became heavier, and he expressed his earnest heart, saying, “I think now is the time to show off. I always think that if I don’t get sick, my grades will follow suit. I’m more focused on taking care of my body than before enlisting.”  스포츠토토

After graduating from Seoul High School, he was nominated in the second round of NC in 2014 and completed a career high season in 2019. He pitched in 62 games (54⅓ innings) and collected 20 holds, tying his personal record for most in a single season. As can be seen from his ERA of 3.81, he also complied with his pitching. 

Bae Jae-hwan, who often looks for pitching videos in 2019, said, “I have to get better than then. I got injured as my arm swing got bigger, but I’m trying to simplify my arm swing.” 

NC has not been invited to the fall party for two consecutive years after achieving its first integrated championship in 2020. He was determined to rebuild the family. He said, “Since there are many good seniors, I think it’s possible. (Old) Changmo has also returned, so I think there’s plenty of potential.” 

“I reached 20 holds in 2019, so shouldn’t I do up to 30 holds this season? To do so, the first priority is to digest one season without injury. I will greet you with a healthy Bae Jae-hwan,” he concluded the interview.

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