‘Shock’ Messi ‘Romance’ comes true… La Liga ‘Barcelona financial approval’

Primera Liga secretariat approves Barcelona’s financial plan It seems that the first button to bring Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain) after two years has been sewn.

Argentine broadcaster ‘tyc sports’ said on the 19th (Korean time), “Barcelo is in a sensitive financial situation, but we have good news. The Spanish Primera Liga secretariat has decided to approve the economic plan proposed by the Barcelona board. Messi’s return to Barcelona is the first step to complete.”

The media said, “Of course, it is not a complete agreement. But the fact that the Barcelona club’s financial plan has been approved is good news for those who dream of returning Messi. Barcelona and Messi have taken the first steps, but no decisive progress has been made yet. It will be in earnest after this is over,” he pointed out.

Messi wore a Paris Saint-Germain kit in 2021. At the time, a verbal agreement was reached to renew the contract with Barcelona, ​​but was unable to sign due to financial reasons. He is likely to be released as a free agent (FA) this summer. There is a one-year extension option with Paris Saint-Germain, but it went wrong rapidly in the second half. Paris Saint-Germain, which has Qatari capital, imposed a heavy penalty on Messi for acting as a public relations ambassador for Saudi Arabia while on vacation.메이저놀이터

It ended with Messi bowing his head through the official channel. Although the 14-day training ban was lifted, the reaction from the fans was cold. Paris Saint-Germain has also ended negotiations with Messi and is turning to recruiting other players.

Currently, Al-Hilal is the only official offer to Messi. Al-Hilal attempted aggressive negotiations with an additional 100 million euros on top of the original offer. He proposed 500 million euros (approximately 721.9 billion won), which is 400 million euros (approximately 577.5 billion won) plus 100 million euros. His contract is for 2 years.

But Messi’s plan is to stay in Europe. Among remaining European players, he is putting weight on his return to Barcelona. Barcelona intends to offer Messi an annual salary of 25 million euros (approximately 36 billion won) in a 1+1 year contract if Primera Liga is not approved. President Laporta also announced an all-out war, saying, “I will put everything into the recruitment of Messi.”

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