Shin Jin-seo and Ke Jie, the extreme joy and sorrow of the two claims

 Shin Jin-seo 9 dan and Park Jung-hwan 9 dan won side by side, but the fates of their teams were very different. Shin Jin-seo’s 9th Dan Suboer Hangzhou advanced to the championship match (finals), while Park Jung-hwan’s 9th Dan’s Shenzhen was pushed back to the 3rd and 4th place matches.

On the 15th, in the 2nd round of the 3rd round (semi-finals) of the 2022 China Gabjo League playoffs, Shin Jin-seo 9p defeated Xu Jiayang 9p. Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, facing 9th Dan Xu Jiayang again following the first game, washed away the struggle of the first game with a complete victory that has never been at a disadvantage. Unsuccessful succession of 214. Their opponent record is 10 wins and 1 loss.

Park Jeong-hwan, 9th dan, was disinherited from Hwang Yunsong, 9th dan, after 180 moves. Based on the early advantage, we did not allow a crisis phase. Relative record is 3 matches.

Shin Jin-seo’s Subor Hangzhou drew 2-2 with Zhejiang in both the first and second games. Park Jeong-hwan’s propaganda also recorded 2-2 in both the first and second games against Jiangsu. But the team’s fortunes were mixed.

The joys and sorrows were clearly divided in the captaincy match. In the Gabjo League, a 4-player team match, the team wins and loses with a captain’s match when the score is 2-2. In the postseason, the captain’s game is played only in the second game, and the winning team is determined by the result of the captain’s game if the combined personal multiplier of the first and second games is 4-4.

In the 3rd round of the playoffs, Suboer Hangzhou gave the captaincy to Shin Jin-seo, and Shenzhen placed Ke Jie, 9th dan, not Park Jeong-hwan, 9th dan. Ke Jie lost to Meweeting 9th Dan.

While the first final match of the Gabjo League between the teams of Shin Jin-seo 9 dan and Park Jung-hwan 9 dan belonged to failed, Suboer Hangzhou-Jiangsu will decide the winner with two championship matches on the 17th (first match) and 18th (second match). The 3rd and 4th place matches and the 5th and 6th place matches will also be held. 스포츠토토

Subor Hangzhou’s main players are Shin Jinseo, Lianxiao, Sheke, and Li Qinqing, while Jiangsu’s team consists of Mi Yuting, Zhao Chenyu, Huang Yunsong, and Chen Shen. Subor Hangzhou is aiming for the 6th championship, and Shin Jin-seo 9 dan is aiming for the 3rd championship.

Meanwhile, in the remaining playoffs, Lhasa Kiwon, won by Kang Dong-yoon, 9th dan, and Yongwon Hangzhou, won by Byeon Sang-il, 9th dan, survived the final round. Kaifeng of Lee Ji-hyun 9th Dan has been confirmed to be relegated to the Euljo League.

The 2022 China Gabjo League Postseason, the 24th season since its inception in 1999, was a full league of 16 teams, and according to the results of the regular season, 1st to 8th places playoffs for the championship, and 9th to 16th places are relegated (two teams). It is a system that holds the remaining playoffs to avoid the .

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