SD Utility Kim Ha-seong “Please call me ‘Kim Cha-do’ when playing as third baseman”

 Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = “Please call me ‘Kim Cha-do’.”

Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres), who will play an active role as a utility again in the third season of the Major League (MLB), expressed confidence.’s San Diego reporter, AJ Cassabel, revealed the story of his meeting with Kim Ha-sung at the San Diego Fan Fest held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 5th (Korean time).

In an interview with Casabel, Kim Ha-seong said, “I heard (from the club) that I will mainly play as a second baseman this season. (Depending on the situation) When I play as a third baseman, it would be nice if I could call myself ‘Kim Cha-do’.”

Kim Ha-seong took his place as the starting shortstop last year when Fernando Tatis Jr., the main shortstop, was removed from the team due to injury and banned substance discipline, but he moved his position ahead of the new season. When San Diego recruited Zander Bogarts, a free agent who is considered one of the league’s top shortstops in the Stove League, sparks ignited Ha-seong Kim.

Local media predicted that San Diego would move Ha-seong Kim to second base, Jake Cronenworth to first base, and Tatis Jr. to outfield. Earlier, general manager AJ Preller said, “If there are no major changes to the roster, Ha-seong Kim will spend a lot of time as a second baseman.”

Ha-seong Kim, who left for the United States last month, said, “Every moment has been a competition since I entered the major leagues.” “In the end, I have to do well to win the main competition. 메이저놀이터

However, Kim Ha-seong, who can play all positions in the infield except for first baseman and has excellent defense, is unlikely to be limited to second baseman. General Manager Preller also ordered Kim Ha-seong to prepare for other positions besides second baseman.

Among them, Kim Ha-seong drew attention by using the nickname ‘Kim Cha-do’. Kim Cha-do is a combination of the names of third baseman Manny Macha-do and Kim Ha-seong.

Machado is a top-notch third baseman in the league, including being nominated for the National League Most Valuable Player (MVP) last year. He is familiar with domestic baseball fans as he is close with Kim Ha-seong, who has been wearing a San Diego uniform since 2021. Recently, they showed off their friendship by revealing a bat engraved with ‘KIMCHADO’.

For Kim Ha-seong, by mentioning ‘Kim Cha-do’ in a public meeting with fans, he expressed his aspirations to become a top-notch infielder like Macha-do.

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