SD position cleanup… Soto is a left fielder, and Kim Ha-seong is a second baseman.

 Reporter Kim Joo-hee = The San Diego Padres make changes to the outfield for the 2023 season.

According to on the 15th (Korean time), San Diego manager Bob Melvin said, “Outfielder Soto will play in left field this season.” Fernando Tatis Jr., who returned from disciplinary action, is expected to step into right field.

Soto, who entered the big leagues in a Washington Nationals uniform in 2018, played mostly left field for the first two seasons, but then played right field for the next three seasons.

Last year, when he was traded from Washington to San Diego, he played 151 games as a right fielder and one as a designated hitter.

Soto is recognized in the field of defense enough to be one of the three finalists for Gold Glove in the field of right field last year. However, the media rated his defense as average and limited in range among San Diego’s outfielders.

“We’re going to try to keep him in one spot,” said Melvin, who revealed his plan to play Soto in left field, and he wouldn’t move him between positions in the outfield.

As Soto moved to the left, the right field spot became more likely to be taken by Tatis Jr.

Tatis Jr., who was the team’s main shortstop, played center field and right field after returning from a shoulder injury in 2021.

Manager Melvin did not officially reveal Tatis Jr.’s change to right fielder, but reported that Tatis Jr. received a fly ball in right field position during team training that day. 스포츠토토

The media explained, “Tatis Jr.’s athletic ability and strong shoulder can match the wide right-middle outfield of San Diego’s home stadium, Petco Park.”

However, Tatis Jr., who is suspended for taking a banned substance, cannot play 20 games even after the start of the new season.

Manager Melvin spared his words, saying, “We still have to digest spring training, and there are 20 games (regular season) until Tatis Jr. returns.”

Meanwhile, the starting shortstop spot has been taken over by Zander Bogarts, who was recruited throughout the winter.

Kim Ha-seong, who played an active role as a shortstop last year by filling the vacancy of Tatis Jr., is expected to take on the role of a backup shortstop as he moves to second base this season.

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