Samsung breaks up with Lim Dong-seop of ‘love-hate’… It’s not a simple trade 

Is it a signal of a major flight?

What does the Seoul Samsung trade Lim Dong-seop mean?

Samsung sent shooter Lim Dong-seop to Changwon LG on the 11th. And he brought forward Choi Seung-wook. It was a surprise trade.

The two have distinctly different styles. Lim Dong-seop is a tall shooter. The defense is unfortunate, but it is a resource that can be said to be within the 3-point shot. Choi Seung-wook doesn’t have any outstanding parts, but he does well in all areas. And fighting abounds. It is a style that energizes the team.

The direction Samsung wants is read. In fact, Samsung seems to be at a loss if you look only at the value of the player’s name. However, it is a message that coach Eun Hee-seok will strengthen the basketball for the team and the team play that runs without rest 토토사이트. During Samsung’s recent losing streak, what angered coach Eun was not the results, but rather the tenacity of the players who showed no will such as defense and rebounding on the court. One of the players who received that criticism was Lim Dong-seop.

Lim Dong-seop is a ‘love-hate’ existence for Samsung. He was the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 draft. Ever since college, he seemed to have a good chance of success as a tall shooter. But he was always there. ‘No. 1 expectations’ of coaches before the season. It has already been more than 10 years since this season has been repeated over and over again. If you try to forget, there was a magical power (?) that made it impossible to give up while playing a game of ‘life’. Samsung, including former coach Lee Sang-min, always tried to organize a team with Lim Dong-seop at the center, but in the end, there were holes in that position.

Samsung started to improve its constitution by appointing coach Eun ahead of this season. However, coach Eun did not touch the squad much. I don’t know if it was his will to make it well somehow or if it was overflowing confidence, but he started like that anyway.

At the beginning of the season, Samsung performed quite well. He showed a team of basketball players who were raised during his time at Yonsei University. However, injuries to players continued, and eventually the team was collapsing as they played again with existing players. In the end, coach Eun and Samsung seem to have acknowledged the reality and started to improve the team constitution in earnest with the trade of Lim Dong-seop.

Not only Lim Dong-seop, but also the existing ‘perennial prospects’ are a sign that cannot help but be nervous.

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