‘Salcap → FA’ King’s blank delegation, the number of wins, the ball goes to the Samsung Lions…

The final king’s decision and the number of wins. The ball went to the Samsung Lions.

Oh Seung-hwan (41), the oldest member of the Samsung Lions, has entrusted the club with an annual salary contract for 2023.

And on the 10th, I went to Japan. It is a will to go ahead and build up before the Okinawa camp in February. A day later, the Samsung Lions officially announced the fact that Oh Seung-hwan was entrusted with the vacancy.

Oh Seung-hwan reigned as the best finishing pitcher throughout professional baseball in Korea, the U.S. and Japan. he is professional Salary is self-esteem. In any case, he did not dare to discount his value.

But he was different this time.

The sluggish performance of the team last year weighed heavily on the senior staff.

Samsung, which escaped from a 5-year dark period with 2nd place in the 2021 regular season, fell back to 8th place in a year.

As the team’s oldest player, Samsung conveyed to the club its intention to entrust the annual salary in 2023 with the meaning of ‘Baekui Jong-gun’ for the individual and team rebound this season, as well as fulfilling responsibility for the team’s performance that did not advance to the postseason as the team’s oldest player. ‘ he explained.

Oh Seung-hwan finished the season with a record of 6-2, 31 saves, and an average ERA of 3.32, despite his age, and finished the season in fourth place in the league in saves. In the middle of the season, he showed difficulty and gave up a finishing position for a while, but he found his pace right away.

Considering the age of 40, a great performance. However, Oh Seung-hwan himself has a different opinion. He has never been conscious of his physical age. I have no intention of using that as an excuse. He always prepares and strives to be the ‘top finish’. He is an unchanging thought as long as he plays active duty.

In that respect, last year was a season with a lot of thoughts in many ways.

The vacancy of the annual salary was a decision for the team that needed a rebound. Samsung’s biggest weakness is its bullpen. This is the reason why he publicly declared the trade of giving up the catcher and receiving Seungjo. The main pitchers, such as Oh Seung-hwan and Woo Kyu-min (38), are veterans. Young pitchers who should have matured have yet to get on track. There are also military veterans.

Oh Seung-hwan and Woo Kyu-min still need to play the central role. In particular, there is no alternative to finishing without Oh Seung-hwan. He himself is well aware of this fact. The blank delegation is a pledge to harden oneself further.

As a high-income earner, the club’s burden on the salary cap, which was first implemented, was also considered. In the end, the ball for setting an appropriate salary went to the Lions. As a team leader, Samsung plans to respond to the blank commission with the minimum reduction within the limit allowed by the salary cap, taking into account the non-quantified contributions such as the good influence of Oh Seung-hwan on his juniors as a team leader and the symbolism that represents the team.

Oh Seung-hwan will be eligible for free agency after this season. Much attention will be paid to his future. There is no interruption to him who has forgotten his age. 안전놀이터

As long as you don’t convince yourself, the challenge will and must continue. Oh Seung-hwan, the first professional closer who made a mark in the history of Korean professional baseball. His step by step soon becomes history.

Oh Seung-hwan is challenging the unprecedented record of 400 saves (-30 saves) in the KBO this season and 500 saves (-8 saves) in Korea, the U.S. and Japan.

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