Sacrifice, atmosphere, veteran… Keywords to remind Busan of the ‘fallen famous house’ 

‘Sacrifice, atmosphere, veteran.’ These are the three keywords emphasized by Park Jin-seop, coach of Busan I-Park, who lost his pride last season.

Busan, which was first relegated to K-League 2 (second division) in 2016, succeeded in promotion to the first division in 2020, but was relegated after one season. 5th in 2021 and 10th last season accepted the worst report card among the seasons that fell to the second division. 스포츠토토

During the season, even the manager was replaced. Coach Ricardo Perez (Portugal) left the team in June of last year, and coach Jin-seop Park took the helm, but it was not enough to turn around. Manager Park, who we met at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 9th, said, “Last year’s league performance was not good. He motivates the players to do well while engraving them in their hearts. At the beginning of the season, I was worried that the players would be anxious, but I think it would be helpful if I got in the mood.”

He emphasized organizational skills rather than expectations for specific players. Coach Park, who mentioned ‘sacrifice’, said, “I tried to recruit players who can sacrifice for the team and play as a team. He said, “You have to look at the organization, not the team with a specific star player,” he said.

What’s different from last season is that we’re together from the beginning of a season. Director Park is gradually applying the color he seeks. Lots of young resources. The average age of the team is low. Once you get into the mood, you can hit and go up terribly, but the downside is clear. In that sense, director Park emphasized the importance of being a ‘veteran’. He said, “I lack experience, so I try to fill it up by talking to veterans such as Park Jong-woo and Lee Han-do. So starting is important. I have a lot of personal greed, so there are times when I push the players or get angry, but I have to play happily so that the team atmosphere and individual skills can improve.”

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