Rookie who imitates everything of Lebron, will it be LAL’s hope?

A fresh wind blows to the Lakers, which had been stagnant.

The LA Lakers have a player who has recently increased playing time. It is Max Christie, a rookie in the second round. Christie was selected by the Lakers with the 35th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. During his time at Michigan State University, Christie had decent physical condition and skills, but his thin body made him a long-term prospect.

The Lakers, who had no first-round pick and the only second-round pick, nominated Christie with one pick, immediately looking to the future rather than his sense of power. There was no place for Christie in the Lakers, which declared Winnow. He spent most of his time on the bench, sometimes playing in garbage time or going down to the G League to gain experience. 토토사이트

Such a Christie has recently increased playing time. He was included in the rotation starting with the game against the Atlanta Hawks on the 7th (Korean time), and played 26 minutes in the game against Denver on the 10th, scoring 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 6 out of 8 field shots.

What was Christie’s secret?
According to ‘The Athletic’ on the 11th, Christie said that he was studying and absorbing LeBron James’ pre-game and post-game routines. He revealed that he follows all the detailed routines that LeBron does, such as applying cold compresses to his knees and feet, showering with cold water, and stretching.

And he said that he tries to use everything about LeBron, including the way LeBron prepares before the game and the recovery exercise LeBron does after the game, and absorbs it into his own.

LeBron is the NBA’s most rigorous player in taking care of his body. Born in 1984, LeBron is one of the oldest players in the NBA, but he still boasts overwhelming physicality. The cause of this is thorough self-management. Lebron is famous for making sure to reserve a gym to practice on or off the road.

Christie’s effort to imitate such a great Lebron is bound to be pretty to Lakers veterans. Russell Westbrook showed off his love for Christy, saying, “Christie will be in the NBA for a long time. I’m happy to start her career and help him.”

A young rookie who is working hard for the Lakers, which is composed of veterans, has appeared. Although it is difficult to be a big addition to the power now, if he develops steadily, he will be able to become a key player for the Lakers in the future.

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