Returning to OK Financial Group Song Myeong-geun “There is no guarantee of a starter, it will be a source of vitality”

OK Financial Group Song Myeong-geun (30) returns from military service. It has been 1 year and 11 months since he left the court due to controversy over school violence. 

Outsight hitter Song Myeong-geun will be discharged from full-time reserve service on the 5th. At the earliest, on the 8th, he can play his comeback match against Samsung Fire, which will be held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan at home. 

In February 2021, he was caught up in a controversy over school violence. Song Myeong-geun, who admitted his mistakes during his school days, said, “I will not participate in the remaining games and will self-restraint.” Afterwards, he met with the victim, apologized, and made an agreement. Ahead of his comeback, Song Myeong-geun said, “It was definitely a wrong act during my school days. I met the victim and apologized. That friend also said he would support me.” Seok Jin-wook, director of OK Financial Group, said, “The victim said to Myeong-geun Song, ‘I forgive you. I will support you in the future.’ 

Song Myeong-geun was a local solver at OK Financial Group before leaving the court. He won the Triple Crown six times and was voted Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice. He also won the championship game MVP.

However, the recent performance of OK Financial Group Cha Ji-hwan and Park Seung-soo is good. Park Seung-soo, who has a good receive, is showing a synergistic effect by easing the burden on Leo and Cha Ji-hwan. Manager Seok Jin-wook said, “Even if Song Myeong-geun returns, he has to do better than Cha Ji-hwan and Park Seung-soo to play. We will have to compete in good faith.” Song Myeong-geun also said, “Even if I come back, there is no guarantee that I will play as a starting player. The coach expected me to be a source of energy for the team with an energetic appearance outside of my skills.” As Cho Jae-seong, who was recently investigated by the prosecution for alleged evasion of military service, has left, OK Financial Group will benefit from the return of Song Myung-geun.  메이저사이트

He is in good physical condition to be able to play right away. On the 1st, Song Myeong-geun completed the final inspection through the ‘chaser match’, which is a de facto 2nd team match. In the ‘Chaser Match’ against Korean Air, which was held until the 3rd set, Song Myung-geun scored 18 points, the most among players from both teams. He said, “There is no big problem because I digest team training in my spare time.  

As Song Myung-geun was away from the court, his desire for volleyball grew. He said, “When I saw the players’ game scene, I remembered how hard I worked to survive in the competition,” and said, “I will work hard so that I can play happy volleyball in the future.” 

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