‘Resuming Twitter’ Mickelson “PGA LIV golf is the Ryder Cup? We overwhelm”

Phil Mickelson (USA) resumed his Twitter activities. He seems to have returned to the unstoppable Mickelson again by communicating with his fans.

After posting an apology on Twitter in February of last year, Mickelson issued another apology in June. Since then, he has consistently posted on Twitter to the extent of informing about his current situation, and he exchanged questions and answers with fans ahead of the recent PIF Saudi International.

What drew attention was a tweet quoted by Danny Woodhand, who played golf as a child and played an active part as an American football player. The content of the tweet is about how the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and LIV Golf compete against each other like the Ryder Cup. Woodhand did not hide his expectations, saying, “I’m just waiting for that.”

“That’s good too,” Mickelson retorted, “but we’re going to overwhelm them and it’ll be over quickly. TV might have to fill up a dead hour, so that’s not going to happen.”

Some fans who saw this said that it would be nice if LIV Golf was created to compete against the PGA Tour, it would be nice to have a team of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, and how about a team of Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed. 안전놀이터

In addition to messages supporting him, he also responded to messages criticizing him. When a fan criticized, “Have LIV Golf players ever won a regular tour event since LIV Golf started?” Mickelson said, “It’s because we were suspended.”

Mickelson recently announced his return by starting a media interview. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he said, “I think I have a chance to win one or two more if I compete in all major competitions over the next three years.” promised.

He criticized last year, “The PGA Tour is greedy and pretends to be a democracy, but it is like a dictatorship.” Afterwards, he apologized, but public opinion was cold, and contracts were cut one after another from the main sponsor to the sub-sponsor. Eventually, he had to take a break for a while.

He kicked off his year with the Asian Tour PIF Saudi International on the 2nd. He went even par in the first round.

The second round of PIF Saudi International will be broadcast live for free on SPOTV Golf & Health and OTT service SPOTV NOW at 6:30 pm on the 3rd.

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