“Prudently, as if serving a sacred wine, I do not rush to upload it with great runners and great defenders.” 5 Tulgai, the ‘1st nomination’ that even national batters are anxious about

Outfielder Kim Dae-han, whom Doosan Bears fans have been waiting for, has entered the actual game mode. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is as eager for Kim Dae-han’s return as Doosan fans. Since he intended to entrust Kim Dae-han as the starting outfield starter this season, Lee announced that he would not simply confine Kim to the main runner and defense role.

Kim Dae-han played in 51 games in the 2022 season and showed his potential with a batting average of 0.240 / 23 hits / 4 home runs / 11 RBIs / 2 stolen bases. Daehan Kim, who received the most attention among young fielders during this year’s spring camp, participated in 13 exhibition games and recorded a batting average of 0.244/ 10 hits/ 1 home run/ 4 RBIs. With the opening entry becoming more likely, Kim Dae-han was diagnosed with a right metacarpal fracture while running base against Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes on March 28th.

In the absence of Kim Dae-han, competition in the outfield at the beginning of this season is the Spring and Autumn Period. Jo Soo-haeng, Yang Chan-yeol, and Song Seung-hwan are taking turns entering the starting batting order in the outfield, but it is not an atmosphere where there is a player who has emerged as a clear starter. The absence of Kim In-tae, who suffered a shoulder injury while running base at the beginning of the season, is also felt.

After such a long period of rehabilitation, Kim Dae-han, who finally played a real game, started as the right fielder with the 9th hitter against the Lotte Giants in the Icheon Futures League on May 20 and recorded no hits in 3 at-bats.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop, who met with reporters ahead of the match against KT WIZ in Suwon on May 21, said, “In the first game (Kim Dae-han), I put him in the 9th batting order in the sense of only watching the pitcher’s ball. He meant to adapt because it was okay to strike out, but he heard that he hit the ball hard, perhaps because he was greedy. He said his body reacted on its own (laughs). He said, “It is important to look at the pitchers’ balls, regardless of the results.”

However, there is no plan to put Kim Dae-han in the first team. The condition to be able to hit 100% of oneself is the condition for a first-team call-up. Coach Lee predicted that Daehan Kim’s return to the first team would be late May at the earliest or early June at the latest.

Coach Lee said, “You have to gradually increase the pace while doing overall play such as not only hitting, but also defense and running. He has no intention of rushing to the first team just because he plays a large runner or a large defensive role. When Kim Dae-han comes to the first team, he must occupy a spot in the outfield. When the possibility of recurrence of injury is completely eliminated while perfectly enhancing his sense of hitting, he is going to be called into the first team.”

From last year’s finish camp to this year’s spring camp, Coach Lee left a strong impression while watching Kim Dae-han. This is the assessment of director Gay, who has strong enough qualities not only in his physical part but also in his mental part.

Coach Lee said, “First of all, Daehan Kim is strong. Being strong includes not only the physical part, but also the mental part. Isn’t it the so-called ‘Five Tool’? He is a player who can play ball, defense, and week, so he is an essential resource for our team lineup. It is a beast with both strength and speed. I thought of him as a starting player this year, so he has to occupy a place in the first team. So now I’m going to handle it carefully as if I’m serving a god,” he smiled.

Doosan has quite a few beast resources to return to. In addition to Kim Dae-han, infielder Park Joon-young, a free agent Park Se-hyeok (NC Dinos) compensation player who completed shoulder rehabilitation, also started playing in the Futures League. There is also infielder Ahn Jae-seok, who has not recovered 100% from back pain, and outfielder Kim In-tae, who aims to recover in mid-June while focusing on rehabilitation from a shoulder injury.카지노사이트

Coach Lee said, “Jun-Young Park has had a long hiatus after shoulder surgery, so he needs to accumulate a lot of experience in actual matches. He is also careful where he is injured, so he seems to have to go through a step-by-step recovery process. Ahn Jae-seok is also in a state where he has not yet been able to play in actual matches, so he is in the stage of raising the pace little by little.”

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