“Pro balls separately, maybe balls separately?… Golf ball regulation is a matter of shaking the principle”

Every year in April, the eyes and ears of golf lovers turn to the Augusta National GC in Georgia, USA. This is because the Masters Tournament, the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, is held at this time. Golf industry workers have one more reason to visit Augusta National GC. It is to participate in ‘Masters Week’ (second week) to discuss current issues with ‘golf people’ from all over the world.

The hottest topic this year was ‘golf ball regulation’. The United States Golf Association (USGA) and the British Royal Golf Association (R&A), which make world golf rules, last month said, “From 2026, when hitting at a swing speed of 127 miles per hour (about 204 km) in professional competitions, it will not fly more than 317 to 320 yards. I will regulate the distance of the golf ball so that it does not happen.” It is the aftermath of the increase in long hitters as golf equipment has improved and scientific teaching methods have spread. When this regulation is implemented, golf balls will be divided into ‘products used by professional players’ and ‘amateur products’. Professionals have no choice but to use a ball that travels less because of regulations, but amateurs do not hesitate to play a ball that travels 10m more.온라인카지노

Acushnet general manager David Maher (pictured), who we met at Masters Week on the 5th, said, “Everyone I met at Masters Week talked about golf ball regulation,” and “many voiced concerns.” This is the first time that the head of the world’s largest golf equipment company (last year’s sales of 3 trillion won), which includes Titleist and Footjoy, met with Korean media.

Titleist is the overwhelming No. 1 brand, accounting for more than half of the global golf ball market. 67% of the players participating in the Masters use Titleist balls, and it is the only ball sold at Augusta National GC, which pursues only the best, and is the ‘golf ball loved by pros’.

Acushnet is the company that most actively voices opposition to golf ball regulation. CEO Maher emphasized, “The distinction between the balls used by professionals and amateurs is a regulation that runs counter to the basic spirit of golf.” He said, “The reason why golf has been loved for a long time regardless of gender and age is the charm of ‘all golfers play under the same rules’.” said.

However, the opposing views are not uncommon. Tiger Woods (47, USA), the “Emperor of Golf,” said at an official press conference ahead of the Masters tournament, “The golf ball distance regulation should have come out earlier. Professionals and amateurs use different balls,” he said. Fred Ridley, president of Augusta National GC, also said, “I support measures to regulate golf balls.” Regarding this, CEO Maher said, “We will continue to communicate with golfers about the direction golf should move forward.”

CEO Maher also showed deep affection for the Korean market. He said, “Koreans’ love and passion for golf is unmatched anywhere else in the world.”

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