President of the French Football Association beaten for ignoring Zidane, eventually ‘crisis of expulsion’

Noel Legrae, president of the French Football Association, is in danger of being ousted.

President Le Grae was criticized for making remarks that disrespected ‘French national hero’ Zinedine Zidane. After announcing the renewal of his contract with manager Didier Deschamps, he made a blunt remark about Zidane, who was mentioned as the French national team manager, in an interview with RMC Radio. When asked by the host whether he had been contacted by Zidane, who has recently been considered as a candidate for the French national team coach, Le Grae replied, “Even if he called, I would not have answered it.” “안전놀이터 what do you say to him (Zidane)? Hi sir, don’t worry. Find another club. I just signed a contract with Didier?” Regarding reports that Zidane is interested in coaching the Brazilian national team, LeGraet said, “It’s up to him what he will do. It’s not my job.” , and we have never considered breaking up with Didier.”

This interview generated a lot of controversy. ‘Qatar World Cup Scorer’ Kylian Mbappe (24, Paris Saint-Germain) posted on his SNS, “Zidane is France. You shouldn’t ignore the legend like that.” French Sports Minister Amelie Udea Castella directly targeted President Le Grae, saying that his comments were inappropriate and demanded an apology from Zidane. Like everyone else, I was shocked.” Real Madrid, coached by Zidane, also issued a statement condemning Le Grae’s remarks and demanding correction.

Chairman Le Grae issued a statement on the 9th and apologized, saying, “It was a clumsy remark that caused misunderstanding,” but the aftermath did not subside. Ultimately, he is under pressure to resign. Patrick Anton, chairman of the French Football Federation’s Ethics Committee, said, “It was a comment that Le Grae’s mind was not intact. He is tired now. He has to leave.”

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