“Park Eun-jin, Park Hye-min, and Jeong Ho-young, I want to raise them into good players”… I see tomorrow, not today, the command tower’s greed

“I want to raise Park Eun-jin, Park Hye-min, and Jung Ho-young into better players.”

KGC Ginseng Corporation, led by coach Hee-Jin Koh, held a set score 3-1 (25-17, 26-24, 19-25, 25 -22) to win.

KGC Ginseng Corporation (41 points, 13 wins, 15 losses) dropped GS Caltex (39 points, 13 wins, 15 losses) and rose to fourth place. The difference between Korea Expressway Corporation (44 points, 15 wins and 12 losses) in 3rd place was reduced to 3 points.

Elisabeth Ine Barga (registered name Elisabeth) scored 29 points, the most for both teams, and Jeong Ho-young also dominated the center with 17 points including 5 blocks. Lee So-young also made a big success with 12 points, an attack success rate of 40.74%, and a receiving efficiency of 56.67%.

Coach Hee-jin Koh, who we met after the game, said, “There is no game that is not important. The players didn’t say anything, but the pressure must have been great. Thank you for overcoming it well.”

Jeong Ho-young showed a strong performance in the match, scoring 7 points only after 20 points in the 1st and 2nd sets. Adding growth to growth this season, he is proving that he is the next generation middle blocker in Korea. 스포츠토토

Director Ko said, “I gave a lot of souls even after today. Hoyoung must have been focused. If you are satisfied with that, you can end up as a player like that. He should not be left as a player who is satisfied with now, but should be made into a player who can improve until the end. Park Eun-jin, Park Hye-min, and Jung Ho-young are important players. I want to grow into a better player.”

KGC Ginseng Corporation always showed a small appearance in the game, and it was regrettable. But there was nothing like that today. The offense was 13-20, 7 fewer than the opponent. He also led 16-5 in blocking. Even in detailed play, he showed an improved appearance than before.

Director Ko Hee-jin said, “Elisabeth reduced her offense and serve. Also, there is no culprit in the middle. Above all, there is a trumpeting determination that the players must win. The captain, Lee So-young, is also screaming and demanding the concentration of the players.”

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