Paris Mayor Hidalgo: “Russian athletes will not be allowed to play in Paris if war continues in Ukraine”

 Reporter Yoo Se-jin = Paris Mayor Ahn Hidalgo said on the 7th that if Russia continues the war with Ukraine, the Russian delegation should not be allowed at the 2024 Paris Olympics. 토토사이트

Mayor Hidalgo revealed this in an interview with the French press ‘France Info’ that day, which is a change from the previous position that Russian players could participate under a neutral flag.

She acknowledged that the final decision would eventually be made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but she hoped that Russian athletes would be banned from the Games as long as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine continues. I can’t make it come and go,” he said. Hidalgo’s comments follow Ukraine’s urging of other countries to join its stance last week, threatening to ” boycott

the Games if Russia and Belarus participate.”

Although there is no competition, Poland, the Baltic States, Denmark and others support Ukraine against the IOC’s plan to allow Russia and Belarus to compete in the Olympics as “neutral” athletes.

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