Out of last place, Hanwha Moon Dong-ju, who holds the ‘key’ for a re-leap, 100% condition, starting as a starter, this year is his debut season

Right-handed pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20) of the Hanwha Eagles was the rookie who received the most attention last year, but he only showed a little bit of taste and ended up in a bad mood. An injury struck ahead of the demonstration game, so he opened in the 2nd team. Due to injuries twice, he went up and down the rehabilitation group and the 1st and 2nd groups.

Since he was a rookie player with a history of injury, the management of the club followed. There were restrictions on the number of pitches, pitch interval, and pitch innings. He had a rough debut season, but he gained experience and improved as he got his first hold and his first win. 스포츠토토

He starts the season as a first-team starter this year. He starts off in excellent shape, unscathed. The preparation process was very good. After going through spring camps in Arizona, USA and Okinawa, Japan, the team successfully digested the demonstration games. I raised it while adjusting my condition to match the opening.

Throughout the camp and demonstration games, Moon Dong-ju’s face was bright.

He pitched 7 innings as a starter in two exhibition games. He gave up 8 hits and allowed 2 runs. 2.57 ERA. He struck out 11 of a 21 out count. The composition was also stable. His current health is up to 100%.

His speedy ball position is the best in the KBO League. In mid-February, he recorded 158 km/h in a practice game with the Dutch national team held at the Arizona camp. During last winter’s break, I fully prepared and joined the camp. On the 25th, he threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 157 km in an exhibition game against the Lotte Giants. He maintained an average of 150 km/h.

He even improved his strong fastball and breaking ball. Manager Carlos Subero praised him, saying, “I’m young, but I throw my changeup, curveball, and slider wherever I want to throw.” Moon Dong-ju, who continues to grow, explains that he has been upgraded from before.

Moon Dong-ju, a promising player with infinite potential, is a smart player who is quick to learn new things. He has strong mental strength that does not waver in a crisis situation. This is why he sees his future bright.

Coach Subero said he would have a five-man starting rotation of Birch Smith, Felix Pena, Kim Min-woo, Jang Min-jae, and Moon Dong-ju. This is the lineup that I envisioned earlier. Among them, the most important ‘key men’ are the new foreign pitchers Smith and Moon Dong-ju. If the two players take center stage as the main starting pitchers, they can rise to the level of re-leap beyond the ‘death last place’.

In 13 games last year, 1 win, 3 losses and 1 hold, average ERA of 5.65. He pitched a total of 28⅔ innings. Moon Dong-joo is a resource that must succeed not only for himself, but also for his team and the future of Korean baseball. This year is actually his debut season.

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