Our team has many good pitchers… I don’t know baseball, it’s possible to get out of last place

A smile always sticks to his lips throughout the training session. Right-handed pitcher Lee Tae-yang (33) of the Hanwha Eagles. Last November, he returned to the Eagles as an outside free agent (FA). It has returned to Siwon like sweetfish, to the starting point of baseball player Lee Taeyang. Even though there was a team that offered better contract conditions, he said, “I didn’t worry because it was Hanwha.”

He is a member of the SSG Landers championship last year. He pitched 112 innings in 30 appearances, shifting between the starter and the bullpen. 8 wins, 3 losses, 1 hold, average ERA of 3.62. He played an active role as a key pitcher, posting his own record for most wins in one season. He pitched 92 innings in 17 games as a starting pitcher and recorded 7 wins, 3 losses and a -3.72 mark. It was the result that brought him back to Hanwha.

An all-weather pitcher capable of both starting and bullpen positions. Hanwha, who has been in last place for three consecutive years, brought in a veteran with a special affection for the team to fill the empty gap. Lee Tae-yang, whom I met right after the joining ceremony, said, “I tasted an exciting championship last year, and I hope that Hanwha juniors can also experience this.”

He returned after 3 years and took over as pitcher’s assistant manager. He has become a senior, not only in terms of grades, but also in the role of a leader. Lee Tae-yang, who is training at the Arizona spring camp, said, “It is possible to get out of last place this season.” I interviewed him in writing through the Hanwha PR team.

– More than two weeks have passed since the camp started. Are things going as planned and as planned? what do you focus on

▶I am not a pitcher who throws a 150km/h fastball. I’ve thrown it before, and I still want to do it now. Haha The pitcher is a position that should have fewer lost pitches. He tries to throw a lot of ‘balls’ that are similar to ‘strikes’ from bullpen pitching. He cares most about his ninth. Hitters’ skills and bat performance continue to improve, but the way pitchers can win is limited. I think Jegu is one of them.

-Two foreign players, Kim Min-woo, Jang Min-jae and Moon Dong-ju, are mentioned as starting candidates. Last year, I went back and forth between the starting and middle positions. What is the best job you can do at this point?

▶ Experienced in various positions so far. I think being able to take on any position is my strength. I just think, ‘How can the Hanwha Eagles achieve better results, and how can I contribute to the team’s strength?’ I’ve said it over and over again, but I don’t have much greed for the position.

-After watching outside, returning and experiencing it inside, how is the team’s strength and atmosphere? Do you think it is really possible to get out of last place this season?

▶ There are many good pitchers. Isn’t it said that ‘baseball is a pitcher’s game’? All pitchers are training with a sense of responsibility, with the idea that a team’s performance goes up when the pitcher is strong. Even after the start of the season, I think it is possible to finish last if we do our best in every game. I don’t know baseball. The ball is round.

-Recently, ‘Rookie’ Kim Seo-hyeon has been in trouble due to a post she posted on social media. Do you have any stories you told young players, including Kim Seo-hyun, after this happened? 토토사이트

▶ I decided to refrain from commenting… .

-There is a lot of interest in new foreign pitcher Birch Smith and second-year Mun Dong-ju. What about the two players you have been watching for over two weeks?

▶Smith has a fast ball and stable control. There was a health issue, but as long as I don’t get hurt, I think I’ll do well. I like ‘work ethic (healthy work ethic, diligent and sincere attitude toward work)’ and I approach domestic players first and talk a lot. After working out together, I was really envious of Dongju. He is a player with abilities I wish I had. He struggled with injuries last year, but he believes he will perform well this year if he takes good care of himself.

-I was in charge of the pitching team under ‘captain’ Jung Woo-ram. As a former pitcher and veteran player, it seems that there are many concerns to share.

▶I went to another team and came back, but many veterans left. This time, (Chae) Eunseong hyung and (Oh) Sunjin hyung joined, and (Jung) Wooram hyung seems to like it. There are things that the captain alone cannot do, so if we help in the middle, wouldn’t it make the team stronger?

– It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Hanwha camp, so I think it’s a new feeling. How are you training?

▶I came to an overseas camp after 3 years, and I have a new feeling about Arizona, where I camped in the year of an unfortunate trade. I am training in a good mood because it came back well. I rested well in the off-season, and I am preparing well for the season by building up my body. I’m not a huge star player, but I try to tell young players a lot about what I’ve experienced so far.

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