Only 5 months from amateur to KPGA debut, ‘Rocokie’ Choi Young-jun’s extraordinary determination

Choi Young-joon (21, Geumgang House), who ranked 9th in the overall points ranking of the KPGA Srixon Tour last year, will debut on the KPGA Korean Tour. He said, “I am delighted and happy to play on the KPGA Korean Tour. As he has walked a solid path at the right time since his amateur days, he wants to perform well this year as well.”

Choi Young-jun, who first started playing golf at the age of 8, learned golf for two years before turning to baseball. After being active as a baseball player for three years, he picked up a golf club again at the age of 13 and focused only on golf after that.

Choi Young-jun, who started to stand out by winning the 2020 Maekyung Solago Cup Amateur Golf Championship, won the 34th Jeollabuk-do Association President Student Golf Championship that year. In the following year, 2021, he reached the top at the ’28th Songam Cup Amateur Championship’. From 2020 to 2022 he also served as the National Standing Army.

After the end of the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour 10th Tournament’ in June of last year, Choi entered the top 10 in the KPGA Pro (Associate Member) privilege list given to the top 10 amateur points.

Choi Young-joon, who lifted the championship cup in the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour 12th Tournament’ less than a month later, obtained the KPGA Tour Pro (regular member) qualification by winning this tournament, and continued to play an active role until the last 20th tournament of the season, KPGA Korean Tour this season. secured the seed.

It took only 5 months from amateur to debut on the KPGA Korean Tour. It was really solid.

Choi Young-joon said, “I think I started to adapt to the environment of the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour’ in the second half of last year. After adapting, the feeling of the shot improved a lot, so it seems that I was able to win the next tournament right after joining the KPGA Pro.” 스포츠토토

Choi Young-joon is a long hitter with an average drive distance of over 320 yards. He said that his greatest strength is that he has high accuracy while hitting long shots.

He said, “I got his timing right from when he started playing golf. He helped a lot to maintain accuracy,” he said. “The short game ability is still lacking. The KPGA Korean Tour is much more difficult around the green, so I will try to improve my short game ability.”

In the first season of his debut, Choi Young-joon’s goal is to win the ‘Castel Bajak Rookie Award (Myeong Chul-sang)’ and enter the Genesis Point TOP10. He said, “In the first half of the year, we plan to prioritize quickly adapting to the KPGA Korean Tour environment. After adapting, he intends to play aggressively according to the situation.”

“It seems that the first goal of all new players is the ‘Castelbajac Rookie Award’. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I’m more greedy,” he said. “I want to have the title of a player without ups and downs. We will maintain steady performance throughout the year and make sure to enter the top 10 in Genesis points.”

Choi Young-joon, who started training in Malaysia on the 15th of last month, will return to Korea on the 1st of next month.

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