“Oh my God, it’s perfect” for Kim’s fantastic glove toss… This is why he’s a Gold Glove candidate

San Diego’s postseason hopes are effectively dashed, but the team is still playing its best ball down the stretch. On Sept. 17, the team won its third straight game against Oakland, 5-2, at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, Calif.

San Diego has a 0.1 percent chance of making the postseason, according to FanGraphs. The Dodgers clinched the National League West title on Sunday and are in seventh place in the National League wild-card race. They are 6.5 games out of third place with Arizona and Cincinnati. Their wild-card race trajectory number is also “7. No chance.

But the players are determined to give it their all until the end. While Joe Musgrove, Darvish Yu, and Manny Machado are out for the season with injuries, the team is still able to maintain some form. Kim Ha-Sung (28, San Diego)’s spectacular glove toss in Game 17 was one such example.

Kim, whose batting average had been slumping in September, stepped into his most familiar spot at first base. Kim, who has been impressive in his first at-bats this season, drew a walk in his first at-bat against Oakland starter and “100-mile prospect” Mason Miller. After skillfully dictating the tempo by calling for a timeout in the middle of the at-bat, Kim calmly picked the ball in an unfavorable count. He worked the count to 1B-2S, but eventually drew a walk.

He then moved to third on Tatis Jr.’s double to right field and came home on Soto’s sacrifice fly. It would be the final run of the game.

In the fourth inning, with the score 2-1, he lined a body sinker to right off Oakland’s second pitcher, Medina. It was his second hit in as many games. After that, Kim didn’t get a chance to shine at the plate, and the game seemed to be over, but he made a last-minute comeback with a near-magical play on defense. It was a flair and quickness play that reminded us why he is the favorite to win the Gold Glove at second base in the National League this season.

Leading 5-2 in the ninth, San Diego brought in closer Hader, and with one out, Allen lined a single up the middle. It sailed over the side of second base. Kim, who was in good position defensively, made a quick move to catch it. The problem was the next throw. It required a dynamic, jumping throw to first base. It wasn’t easy, even for Kim. This is where Kim’s judgment shone through.

The direction of travel was toward the shortstop. If he lost momentum and took one or two more steps, he would have passed second base. But before he did, Kim connected with a sensational glove toss. If he had caught it with his right hand and thrown it back, it would have been past the timing of the throw, but he made a fantastic play before that. Even the throw was accurate. It went straight into the glove of Bogartz, who was covering second base.

Allen’s quick feet didn’t allow him to make the catch. But the defense had everyone talking. Even Heider, sitting on the mound, looked on in disbelief. If it had been an infield hit, Heather would have been nervous with runners on first and second, but Kim saved the day.

The local broadcasters in San Diego were stunned. When they replayed the play in slow motion, they said, “There was a good play between Kim and Bogatz at second base. The way Heather’s smiling, it’s like she’s saying, ‘oh my goodness,'” he said.

“Look at this glove flip. It’s a perfect play. It went from glove to glove.” As the camera panned to Kim, the San Diego crew called him “a guy you can’t help but like.”먹튀검증

The out gave Heider a boost, and San Diego went on to win 5-2, keeping Oakland off the board. Kim leads the league in DRS, OAA, and other defensive metrics this year. His defensive metrics are somewhat position-specific due to his diligent work at second, third, and shortstop, but his overall totals are as good as any center fielder.

Some analysts say he’s in a dead heat with Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) for the final Gold Glove at second base. Based on defensive innings, DRS and OAA numbers, and local reaction, that’s true. He’s also a strong candidate for the Utility Player category, which was created last year. MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, also predicted a Gold Glove for Kim on the 15th, saying, “He could win the Gold Glove at second base, or he could be named the best utility player. On this day, his defense proved this assessment.

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