“Oh Hyun-kyu, today (21st) Celtic joining medical test” Scottish media

There was a report that Oh Hyun-kyu would undergo a medical test on the 21st local time.

British Football Scotland said on the same day, “Oh Hyun-kyu will undergo a medical test before signing with Celtic today.”

Previously, Celtic continued to show interest in Oh Hyun-gyu. As the transfer of striker Georgios Giakumakis became visible, it became more urgent.

An official from Suwon Samsung said, “Celtic raised the conditions and proposed again. The player’s future is also at stake, so we are reviewing it. Nothing has been decided. There are many issues to consider, such as whether there is a substitute, so we plan to organize it during the Lunar New Year holiday.” 토토사이트

On the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, I heard the news of a medical test. Usually, the medical test is conducted immediately before the announcement of joining after the transfer agreement between the two clubs and the player has been concluded. If the report is true, it means that Suwon will transfer earlier than originally expected.

Celtic offered more than 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.4 billion won) for Oh Hyun-kyu’s transfer fee to Suwon, and the annual salary offered to Oh Hyun-kyu was known to be about 10 times the current level.

Currently, Oh Hyeon-gyu is participating in the winter field training held in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do with the Suwon team. If local reports are true, he will be on Scottish soil in 21 days, given that medical tests are usually done locally.

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