New head coach Kim Joo-seong, who revealed his strong aspirations, “I will make a good team, a position that follows responsibility”

Director Kim Joo-seong has been appointed as the official director of DB. 

Wonju DB Promy announced on the 12th that they had appointed Kim Joo-seong as acting manager. 

New coach Kim Joo-seong is a symbol of Wonju basketball. Coach Kim, who has been active in only one team for 16 years since joining the pro in 2002, won five regular league championships and three championships, and won two regular league MVPs. He is also a gold medal member of the 2002 Busan Asian Games and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. 메이저놀이터

Coach Kim, who had been gaining leadership experience as a coach, led the DB as acting manager after Lee Sang-beom resigned in January of this year. Although DB failed to advance to the playoffs, they left expectations for the future by running a winning streak at the end of the season.

After the season ended, DB decided to continue the company by dropping manager Kim as the next command tower. Director Kim’s contract period, which became official manager, is three years. 

Manager Kim, who had a phone interview with <Rookie> on the afternoon of the 12th, said, “I’ve been a player on the same team for a long time, coached, and even coached. I’m excited, nervous, and worried. Of course, it’s a position that comes with a lot of responsibility. But all of those things Aside from that, I will do my best to improve the team and make it a good team.”

As coach Kim said, he was given the honor of being in charge of a player, coach, and manager in one team. Since he has been with DB for a long time, he can be seen as a person who knows the club best and can communicate smoothly.

Director Kim said, “I’ve been living in Wonju for almost 20 years. Some people think I’m originally from Wonju. (Laughs) I have a lot of affection for Wonju and so do the people around me. I guess I’ll have to work hard,” he said.

Coach Kim, who recently appeared on the scene of the college league. Now is the time to start slowly drawing a rough sketch for the next season. 

Manager Kim said, “Since the seniority was decided today, this is the start. The composition of the players and the selection of foreign players, but I think we need to take a closer look. I will try to do it,” he said.

DB, one of KBL’s representative and prestigious clubs, but the recent performance is not satisfactory. The last playoff game held in Wonju was the 5th game of the 2017-2018 season championship match, which was coach Kim’s retirement season. It is coach Kim who was appointed as the command tower with the mission of rebuilding DB Sanseong.

Coach Kim said, “I think it’s my mission. Of course, it’s natural to aim for the championship, but preparation is also necessary. I will have to find the parts that have not been solved well and prepare the elements necessary for the game.” 

When asked about the elements needed for the squad, “The results of the last few seasons have not been good, but I think I need to get rid of the players’ sense of defeat and improve the loose side. I will try to show a fierce appearance, and I will also study more and prepare. I will not just work hard, but I will do my best to fight.”

Finally, coach Kim greeted the Wonju fans, saying, “I think the fans will expect a lot, and I’m also looking forward to it. If you support us as hard as you do now, we will work hard to have a fun game on the court. Please support us.”

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