Neither Europe nor Saudi Arabia, but “the United States”… and the reason is Messi’s.

Hundreds of billions of dollars couldn’t sway him: top soccer star Messi chose American professional soccer over Europe and Saudi Arabia – and he’s Messi.

Messi, a superstar who has won seven Ballon d’Ors and won the league, Champions League, and World Cup, is taking on an unexpected new challenge.

Not traditional Europe, not big-money Saudi Arabia, but American professional soccer.

[Lionel Messi: I’ve decided to go to Inter Miami, it’s my choice at the end of my career].

After his contract with Paris Saint-Germain ended, there was speculation that he would go to his “home team” Barcelona, but he rejected the idea for a reason.

[Lionel Messi: I was told that they would have to sell some players (because of me) or take a pay cut. I don’t want to be involved in these things].

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal offered a whopping $570 million in salary.

However, local analysts say he could be worth more than that while playing for an American team.

Apple TV, which broadcasts the U.S. league, and sponsor Adidas are looking at ways to share some of the revenue with Messi.메이저놀이터

[CBS TV in the U.S.: Inter Miami would have offered him a similar amount of money and a better life, sharing profits and equity, and giving him a bigger vision. In my experience, Miami is the most livable city in the world].

Also, there is a strong Argentine community in Miami, and the fact that the U.S. is hosting the 2026 World Cup would have been a motivator for Messi, who means a lot to the national team.

Today, the team announced Messi’s signing during a game, and not only did it boost Inter Miami’s social media following, but also the price of tickets to next month’s home game.

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