National hitter → glasses ace… Pride of the Taegeuk mark expressed in one voice 

“This is the position I was taken to overdo it (Director Lee Seung-yeop).” “I was chosen because I was forced to do so, and I was selected because I was a player with that ability (Park Se-woong).”

The pride of the national team, the glory of the Taegeuk mark.

The man who shone the most at the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic), Park Se-woong of the Lotte Giants, was calm.토토사이트

Park Se-woong’s physical condition is the best. This WBC, which was the third Taegeuk mark, and if there are no other variables, reveals how much effort was put into preparing this season, which will be the last season of the military service war.

On the 18th, he threw 50 pitches from the bullpen. Although he didn’t make an actual appearance, he explained, “I digested it with the idea that it was a starter today.” The pitching balance prepared for this winter is well maintained.

Regarding the last WBC, he replied, “I’m sorry for the disappointing results. I will repay you with better results in the next tournament.” However, the fans had different thoughts about the schedule, such as the starting pitching after a day off after starting in the bullpen.

“Some people say, ‘I threw it because I was forced to,’ but I think I was selected to do that. Also, I think I was selected because I was a player with that ability. I just did what I had to do. I asked if it would be possible to select for the Czech match if I cut it in the sphere,’ and I replied, ‘I’m fine’.”

This also coincides with Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop’s opinion. On the 13th, when the first round of the WBC finals was in full swing, he met with reporters and asked about the fatigue of his players, such as Jeong Cheol-won, Kwak Bin, and Yang Eui-ji. is not a Doosan player, but a national representative. When I return, if there is an injury or mentally difficult part, I will let you rest.”

Park Se-woong goes further and thinks that the good fight against the Czech Republic is also thanks to his experience in the game against Japan. About 46,000 spectators filled the Tokyo Dome for the match between Korea and Japan. Overwhelming support was poured into ‘Samurai Japan’. The national team could not overcome the pressure of becoming a ‘villain’.

However, Park Se-woong emphasized, “Maybe it was the experience of throwing in front of the largest number of spectators in my life. This WBC was at least a rare opportunity for Park Se-woong.

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