Napoli, new manager ‘surprise candidate’ Tottenham and behind-the-scenes competition… Advantages of entering UCL + annual salary burden of 10 billion won

Min-jae Kim’s team, Italian Serie A SSC Napoli, is looking at a surprise candidate as a new manager with the breakup with coach Luciano Spalletti in mind.

Former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann from Germany, who is constantly being discussed as a candidate for the manager of Tottenham, England, where Son Heung-min plays, is that person. On the 21st, the influential Italian newspaper ‘Corriere dello Sport’ said, “Naples president Aurelio De Laurentiis is considering various relationships with current manager Spalletti, but is also considering finding a replacement.” Talk about Nagelsmann, which he has, is also leaking out.”

Coach Nagelsmann was sacked from the post of head coach in Germany’s most prestigious Munich in March. Born in 1987 and emerging as a leading young leader in European football, several clubs beckoned him when he came out on the coaching market. Among them, England’s Chelsea and Tottenham were chosen as his destinations, and manager Carlo Ancelotti also pointed out Real Madrid as a possible candidate for the Brazilian national team.

However, with no clear progress yet, Napoli, which advances to the UEFA Champions League next season as the Serie A winning team, has emerged as a candidate.

Napoli has the possibility of transferring some players such as Kim Min-jae this summer, but it has organizational power that has been built over the years, and is poised to actively reinforce players in the transfer market. In addition, he can continue to hold the Champions League baton, so it is not an option that Nagelsmann should turn away from.

Corriere dello Sport claimed that “Nagelsmann can also look positively at Napoli as a springboard for a big club” and “it is understood that it is possible that he has started talks with Imme Nagelsmann’s agent.” .

The key is also the salary. It is known that Nagelsmann received an annual salary of 8 million euros or about 10 billion won in Munich. On the other hand, Napoli needs a compromise with Nagelsmann because it is not enough to pay 10 billion won in salary despite winning Serie A this season and reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League this season.메이저놀이터

On the other hand, Nagelsman led the ‘underdog’, such as Hoffenheim and Leipzig, which challenged the championship or upper-middle ranks, and showed good results and colorful football, so he could get along well with Napoli, which is still the ‘underdog’ in Europe. Newspapers are also making predictions.

Nagelsmann is also being considered again as a candidate for the Tottenham managerial post, which has recently been reported to have collapsed. It cannot be ruled out that the two clubs, which feature prominent Korean players, are in a tug-of-war over only Nagels.

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